Do you think that you will be disappointed with 6

The name fits well.

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Also the thing about Griffin should be super obvious to anyone with a modicum of intelligence. TC don’t own rights to use his likeness and voice even if it was recorded for the previous game. If he hasn’t appeared in GOW5 then its clear that TC and Ice-T couldn’t come to an agreement- most likely due to the cost involved.


I am slugger.

I agree with this theory and I’m very pleased with the fact there’s a chance that cretin could never return.

I’m greatly looking forward to Gears 6 for the coop campaign and horde mode.
It would be a minor let down if the choice is forced one way or another against what some players picked. But won’t stop me from buying the game and playing it.

It’s still one of our favourite coop game series, and that on the other hand would be the show stopper for us. If they did a Halo and removed coop…

If that’s still in then all good and looking forward to see what they’ll do with the story :slight_smile:
And maybe expanding on horde as well, would like bigger maps with more construction options.

And maybe more interesting would be Gears 7, if they do 3 games for each, then what (hopefully new) characters will we see there! But alas that’s way way way into the future…