Do you think that you will be disappointed with 6

Lore-wise, the game is in the best possible hands with Parasidian.

Story-wise, it really depends on the writer(s) and level designers. This is the main concern, because the JD/Del choice throws a major wrench in possible storylines and character arcs. But I’ll remain optimistic.

In terms of gameplay, yeah I’ll probably be disappointed. It depends. The gameplay loop needs to achieve the feeling of a desperate war against monstrous odds, but with combat drones and vehicles involved. This also depends on enemy design and AI. If they just go with Gears 5 gameplay and empty, semi-open world levels, without enemy patrols and ambushes… Eh, I’d play it a few times, but then lose interest.

Hopefully the story deals in a big way with the weather, and the effects of the Swarm taking over the biosphere (and the effects of Venom gas on areas around destroyed hives). And hopefully the Swarm gain an air force, riding monsters cavalry, and upgrades to the abilities and designs of the various enemy types.

Also, hopefully they tighten up the controls for CQC stuff, from melees to yanks, shanks, and mantles. Slashing with knives shouldn’t be the default melee attack, it should only be finishing moves… Finishing moves that let us take our kills as meatshields.


If the current system for unlocking skins returns, I’ll hard pass on multiplayer and Horde.


Sid is the soul reason I have hope. I’m seriously worried about MP, especially with the state they left 5 in.

After being on Infinite for a while my confidence in TC have gone through the roof, they can absolutely deliver something incredible. I just think its a matter of smart decisions that will determine how great Gears 6 will be.

Again, if its just Gears 5 2.0 it’ll be extremely boring from a PvP perspective, but if they manage to pull off a really well done Overrun 2.0 type mode, combined with a Beast and Horde mode, and have some kind of basic classic PvP mode in place then your talking about a game with massive amounts of content and very simple ways to make money and sustain interest long term.

This is not 2006 anymore, they need MP that’s less one dimensional, I don’t see any other path (including a Battle Royale mode) being remotely as successful as this could be. It could work because TC have tons of experience in PvE and they could learn from the mistakes of Judgement, but I would expect growing pains regardless as its an ambitious idea compared to what they’ve done with Gears 4/5.

I think the story is sort of screwed if I’m being frank with you guys, most of the main cast are unlikeable ■■■■■ and no matter they wrap up that main Swarm vs Humanity storyline its gonna be disappointing more than likely, so Gears 6 is incapable of disappointing me story wise but I have stated that if they went with a different storyline and a different formula it would be more successful. I don’t care if JD or Del dies, I don’t care about Kait, I don’t want a replacement to our Saviour Jack, I just think that the main story has put itself into a bind and unless they essentially just avoid it altogether and go with something new and different its gonna be meh for a lot of people.

Edit: I realize I’m being sort of repetitive here, but I just wanted to say that I have a good amount of faith in TC, they make good games. Gears 6 can easily be their best work by far, just depends on what the direction they take will be.

TC has the UE5 with Epic support and the Series X hardware power and already has experience with Ultimate, Gears 4/5.
1 to 2 years more development time.

You’d have to fail across the board when Gears 6 doesn’t turn out well.

This is a sad truth.

I know right? Where did all those years go? Where’s my hair? And the happiness and optimism I felt?


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What are those two words? I don’t think I’ve been told of them before.

Oh. So that’s where I got all this extra hair, happiness, and optimism. Finders keepers!

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Sadly the GOW most of have grown up/ old with , died permanently with GOW5

Anything going forward, will be a generic shooter think COD or uberteam event (fortnight)

Such a shame

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Great feed back.

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As some would know, I’m not in disagreement to a little profanity.

But have some style at least.

P.S. I’d only support Griffin’s return if it was for an unnecessarily gruesome death scene.


“Style”? From the GOW community?! Kaz my boy… you expect too much from the real world.




I’m sure we’ll listen extra carefully the second time around.

I’ve been wondering whether to make the point that half of your text consisting of blocks from censored swear words doesn’t fit the criteria of ‘constructive feedback’. I haven’t reached a consensus whether it’s worth the effort in my head yet.

It’s definitely mysterious. I mean, it’s a bit like Wordle where you have to work out what the words are and one of the clues is how many censor-blocks there are.

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I’m willing to bet you’ve never been banned for JUST giving your opinion. That’s a big fat LOL

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I recognise his first username (the NoLifeDGenerate one) from way back. He was a foul-mouthed abusive whinger then, and he’s still one now.

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