Do you think that you will be disappointed with 6

I dunno. I expect it’s very doable. The main core story won’t change (as in the human VS Swarm war), and all TC need to do is to make some smaller character-arc adjustments to the character’s development depending on whether the player chose JD or Del. This would change relatively minor things throughout - basically dialogue. TC would only need to cover two story branches - one for each character.

How I would personally approach it (if it was up to me) is with a time-jump and for The Choice to be revisited at the beginning of the game in a flashback/dream sequence - a bit like the beginning of GOW3. You’d play as Kait with JD and Del fighting the Swarm in events leading up Reyna ambushing them. It’s just a basic tutorial sequence where you shoot things, use cover, etc - it doesn’t need to 100% follow GOW5’s act 4 as it’s a dream, and you know, human memory is fallible, so the sequence can be designed from the perspective of a tutorial on basic game mechanics. So it would basically be Kait’s nightmare where she’s haunted by the events of The Choice, and as Del or JD is killed in the nightmare, she’s woken up (in real life) by whoever lived, and then the campaign starts from that point.

I think it’d be a nice homage to GOW3’s intro/dream sequence given that GOW6 will (presumably) be the last game of this sequel trilogy (assuming TC are organising it in 3-parts as trilogies should).


I just hope they don’t rush with Gears 6 (like they did to gears 5), otherwise, they will leave the game incomplete.

Hopefully, they get plenty of time to develop the next gears 6 and be as good as 5 (well, hopefully fingers crossed lol).

If they do rush with it then I would expect another incomplete gears, just like 5.

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Absolutely — there’s no chance I’m not disappointed with 6. They basically can’t win here. Good chance I’m not alive and/or playing video games by the time 6 comes out either.


It’s gotten to the point that anytime somebody uses that stupid word I immediately lose brain cells.

I really didn’t mean it in that sense, but as in “Not making Gears 6 at all”, which is the vibe I was getting from the post I replied to.

I do kind of agree. At this point it feels like if you make anything remotely deviating from the previous standard it’s somehow “woke” even though it can just be you/a/the writers deciding a female or certain type of character is better suited to what you have in mind. At least in regards to video games/movies. But that’s a whole different box that better remains unopened.

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If it has a fornicator I will not be dissapointed

I think we’re at a stage now where pretty much anything can and will be interpreted as “woke”. It’s so imbedded in contemporary times that all it will take is for a few people to say it, and at least one of those will gain traction to cause that view to spread. It won’t matter if GOW6 does something which is considered an old gaming/storytelling cliche which has been around from the dawn of time, but it will be construed as being “woke”.

Although depending on how long GOW6 takes to be released, it may be that we as a society have moved on from the whole “woke” thing and onto something else which will cause gamers and fanboys (and it is mostly boys isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue: ) to get their knickers in a twist.

On a more serious note, I was thinking about the original Alien movies in relation to this. I’d be seriously interested to hear from people who actually grew up and experienced Alien and Aliens when they were first released in theatres back then. I’m (obviously) too young to have experienced the franchise like this. My first contact with Alien was probably in the early 90s when a friend of mine told me about the films (and basically recounted the story of the first two films to me). It was obviously very different times, with the internet not being a factor and the whole social context was very different. There are lots of things about Alien that would (on the surface at least) be considered “woke” nowadays - a strong female lead; Parker being included to add some diversity to the Nostromo’s crew. But there wasn’t really a Culture War going on back then, at least not in the same way we are experiencing now. We obviously had big protest movements back then - women’s liberation, anti-racism protests, hippies etc, but it was distinctly different.

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Yes, indeed.

Thats a great shot. Did you take that picture from your airplane?

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No… I found this image from the net…

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Also… Despite the fact that I use Nick as my avatar and he also my special skin currently… I am soooo bad at using airplanes. :sweat_smile:

(Still mad at Nick about the “Oh you found my plane… great! so anyway… do this… do that… and only after that go back with it to me… oh and yes… landing is also hard” mission… And please don’t talk about the “Special delivery” mission after that…)

Edit: Just me playing as Nick in Far Cry… :smiley:

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It is morning… I had opened my eyes… I even left my bed… therefore I am WOKED! :woozy_face:

You mean using a females as protagonists… oh and also destroying the previous male protagonist and showing the females are much more superior girls of ■■■■■■■ and how everything is about them… like in the ■■■■■■■ first Campaign of this ■■■■■■■ game!? You mean!? :unamused:

No? Don’t bother me with this nonsense. I don’t need it.

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If its dumped on Gamepass again, then yes, I’ll keep my expectations at a bare minimum. Considering now that Gamepass is a big and popular thing compared to a few years ago when it was barely new I hope they decide to put a bit more effort and take a chance with 6 and treat it as a full fledge game and not some disgusting drip fed GaaS.

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Oh also if the multiplayer isn’t F2P I’ll be disappointed. By the time Gears 6 releases even more of the PvP shooter marketshare will be F2P than it already is. GoW is always behind the times, so this is almost to be expected even if I can’t fully believe it.

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If theres no overrun i most definitely will.

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If it just comes out with the same package as Gears 5 it’ll be a mess, my expectations are massive.

  1. it’ll be F2P, so most skins will cost money (people will complain constantly until like Operation 2 or 3 when they have cool skins then they’ll slowly disappear)
  2. they’ll go for an Overrun type mode, which could either be a blessing or a curse depending on how they do it.
  3. No Escape, likely no map builder or anything like that.
  4. Horde and Beast should both be there at launch as well.
  5. Classic Locust will be there in the Campaign, they teased this in Hivebusters.

if at least 4 out of 5 of these does not occur it’ll just be pathetic.

I’m gonna make a hot take and say that Gears has never really had a bad game, the worst was probably Ultimate Edition and that is only because they got lazy and didn’t add Horde mode (which would’ve boosted interest for years down the line)

If it just comes out with like 7 maps, bunch of cool cosmetics, Horde mode, plain jane Versus mode, then the question will be what was the point? Gears fandom effing love Gears, I still play their games this many years later, make a game that’s a love letter to all the people that have spent hundreds/thousands of hours playing their games and it’ll be successful. Unreal Engine Extreme or whatever isn’t ‘next gen’, what’s next gen is a game that comes out with content. I don’t care how amazing Kait’s butt looks in Gears 6, I want a game I can play off and on for a decade.


One thing we know will probably make its return in Gears 6 is the nerf movement. There will be people who’ll get upset about certain class(es) and start asking for changes that will get the game nowhere in terms of balance.

This isn’t a prophecy, it’s a simple reading based on what has transpired on Gears 5.

TC: * nerfs JD several times *
Fahz: Smart move; you bloody well need me :sunglasses:

But seriously, whatever TC does with Gears 6, I hope they keep some of the good mechanics that Gears 5 introduced such as the triple melee combo and the ability to drop weapons/grenades. At the same time they need to get rid of the nonsensical changes like the big damage omen.

PvP is likely to be disappointing to me and will display more 83-99% lies, so I’ll probably stick to PvE again. Story will have 1 or 2 interesting acts and the rest will be embarrassing conversations.