Do you think that you will be disappointed with 6

I honestly don’t post this to be negative or to throw hate on tc but given the changes they made to 5 it’s understandable if more people than usual will not like 6. Whether they expand the open areas or make it linear again, bring another jack back, remove escape, change horde again, and so on. But do you think you will enjoy the game if they do keep going in a direction you don’t agree with, or is the gears name enough for you that you would play it until you get used to it and like it?

We already know that the microtransactions will suck haha


I know I will love the game, some bits will not be for me of course but that is fine.

The world with Gears/new Gears is better than one without!

Im almost exclusively a pvp player now but would still love Horde, Beast,Overrun.

As for microtransactions Im fine with them if the content is worth buying.


I think I will probably like it. The one thing that may be a problem is if they have the same FOMO-infused setup with time limited tours, then I might hold off on purchasing the game until it’s sunsetted and most of the rewards are added back.

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Given something like 90% of their team is on contracts and a lot of the higher-ups have moved on it’s likely to be a completely different team with different ideas.

A non-exhaustive list of perm employees that left

  • Rod
  • Otto (Producer)
  • Ryan Cleven (Design director)
  • Greg Mitchell (Cinematics director)
  • Bonnie Jean Mah (Franchise narrative lead)
  • Andy McKenzie (Designed the progression system and brutal achievements)
  • Michael Shannon (Level designer and took over PVE)
  • Dana (Director of Coms)
  • TC Octus (Senior Community Manager)

It’s going to be a lot of new faces making decisions with a timeline and budget that we don’t know as fans so at this point.

I don’t think any of us would guess a few years prior to Gears 5 that we would have a playable Jack, choice towards the end of a campaign or open world sections, nor guess at escape being a new featured mode.

I am concerned that the contract system will lead to a lot of problems similar to what we saw with Gears 5 and Halo Infinite, where it resembles a University project where it looks like a bunch of people designed different systems without being cohesive.

I am pleased that Sid has been hired for the recently created “Content and Lore Coordinator” role that he was born to do. The bloke is a walking Gears bible with a massive passion for the series.

From UE onwards the TC team have done amazing work with Unreal Engine and made the games look fantastic. After seeing their demo work for UE5 I am excited to see how far they can push it, especially if the older consoles aren’t a limiting factor.

TC have on the flip side have awful problems crop up with their PC releases (UE after Windows 10 V1809), Gears 4 (Nvidia driver issue), Gears 5 performance issues, Gears Tactics locking issues, and the Microsoft Store having problems where if an update fails the user is forced to remove the game and redownload the entire thing. I am not saying these issues are TC’s fault, but these are constant issues that crop up with their releases that either take an unacceptable time to fix or never get fixed.

I imagine Micostransactions will be rubbish initially before becoming a lot friendly to people who either won’t pay or will only pay very limited amounts.

My expectation is that future games will have some aspects that absolutely blow me away while having other bugs or design features that infuriate me to the point where it will sometimes ruin the experience.


Do I think that a game that for all we know it’s not even being developed will be a disappointment?

Of course not, but if we ever get a Gears 6 (hopefully with a “of War” in between) I will not pre-order, buy fancy collector’s edition and most definitely won’t buy an xbox console to play it. 4 was okay but with 5 they burned what little faith I had in them.

I hope Escape makes a comeback but this time they give us a decent map creator, I have no doubt that the community will create quality content. Take Skyrim for example: game is more than 10 years old but keeps being re-re-re-re-re-re-released because fans are a nonstop supply of top notch content.

Micro transactions are guaranteed to be there but as long as they are reasonable and the quality is good I do not mind paying for it.

I will play the game and give it a more than fair chance but long gone are the days where I would blindly believe that a Gears game is a guaranteed success.


Sure, some things will disappoint us just like every gears game has something that we dont like, but ill always be a gears main.

Gears of war 6 will hopefully have scorpio squad playing a major part as the og guys are getting to old for this $hit.

Hoping for some new guns and a different type of pve would be cool although an improved escape is more than welcome.

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By the time 6 comes out, I will have probably retired, seen my kids grow up and Xbox will be a distant memory.

In all honestly, it will probably be a woke mess, with swearing and violence cut. If it’s does manage to keep its gears identity, I will probably enjoy it.

I’ve been playing some other games recently, including halo infinite. I’m not just saying this but halo feels old, dated and boring. The graphics are average and the gameplay is predictable. Also, regular soft crashes on the series x.

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As long as mistakes are learned from 5 and they actually listen to the fans and not the Esports mob I’ll be happy. I just want an announcement for Gears 6 so we’re not sitting in limbo playing a guessing game.


I heard anther report that it’s unlikely to see gears 6 until at least 2025. Unreal engine 5’s development and staff working on other projects are causing the delay.

Maybe the true story is that gears 5 did nowhere near as well as they wanted and we won’t see a gears 6.

They made Infinite after Halo 5 had a (perceived) horrible reception.

So what would make them cancel 6?


I assume Gears 6 will be the last run for Marcus. If so, I pray the story arc is acceptable and does the series justice.

Play wise I expect it to play similar to all the others. A few changes around the edges.


Gears has never done this lol. No reason to believe it will happen just because other games have done so.

The newer Gears games are different for sure. But they are still Gears (except maybe Judgment). Maybe catering to a more casual player and moving somewhat away from “dark and gritty”.


IDK man but people love using that word “woke” to describe just about everything these days. But Gears simply isn’t lol.


“Woke” has become a meaningless vague slur. I’m totally convinced that it’s one of those generalised words that people don’t even know what it means. It’s like how “socialism” has become a bogeyman term (mostly in the US but also in other parts of the world) and people just use the term to describe everything they don’t agree with. I reckon when it comes to these things theres a large element of confirmation bias and some people will always perceive certain things as being “woke” or whatever. It’s just the way they perceive contemporary things in that light because “wokeness” is, well, a contemporary thing and a part of the zeitgeist of the 2020s.

Anyway I don’t want to get into this in case it sparks off a forum-wide argument. Not that theres many people left to argue nowadays! :wink:

But as far as GOW6 is concerned, well I cant comment at this early stage. There’s basically nothing for us to go on - no information about the story, development (aside from the fact TC will be using the next generation version of Unreal), no concept art, no screenshots, no game footage, no trailers… nothing. I genuinely feel nothing as far as GOW6 is concerned. Ask again when there’s actually some material to consider.


I’m kinda worried that the PVP might end up like 5 again where if you don’t either hold your shot or blind fire you will lose. I hope they come up with something similar to gears 4 where pop shots would be viable.

I’d rather they focused on a good campaign and PVP before trying any new PVE stuff. Things like escape could be a DLC later down the road once all the teething issues have gone away.


As long as he doesn’t get killed off. IMO Marcus has been through so much, he deserves to see this through to the end. He has definitely earned some respite and should be able to die at peace… knowing that he has once again helped save humanity and can rest easy. To have him die in some cliche way would be an insult.


It’s too early to decide, given we have nothing to go with.

But yes, in terms of the story I’ll probably be disappointed since there’s no writers brave enough to just let the humans die already. Let the (apparent) bad guys win for a change! Spice it up a bit!

Meh. I’m not optimistic about it at all. Oh and it goes without saying that I’ll be immeasurably furious if Carolyn Seymour does not return as the Queen.

As for gameplay, PvE does have the potential to be amazing. Gears 5 has a fantastic template in that regard, save for the bugs. PvP, on the other hand, is a complete :poop:show with the worst and least exciting movement tuning thus far.


Let me guess… It will have got a Horde with… Hero System! :smirk:

In terms of story, after what they pulled with that last chapter (The CHOICE), I think it’s kinda impossible not to be, to some extent.
I have enough faith in Parasidian as the “Lore Deity” that he’ll try his best to salvage what he can lol.

As far as Multiplayer goes, it’ll probably be fine. I can manage.
Honestly, any problems I can see myself having is just nitpicky stuff like Barrick & Valera’s models still looking off or Karn still not having his original voice.

But yeah, idk. Ultimately, still looking forward to it, but I’m not expecting a masterpiece or anything. I don’t think there’s a satisfying way to wrap up the story at this point.
As far as Gears goes, I’d be much more excited about the possibility of a second Tactics game than Gears 6.

Basically lmao