Do you think Operation 3 will bring us REAL content? or just more banners?

what do you guys think? Is operation 3 a chance to bring way more content and way more characters and maps? They have the man power, and they most certainly had the time :confused:

Anyone excited for Chrome steel cyclops?

It might, it might not. While Op 2 was mostly geared toward PvP with Free For All, if Op 3 was mostly geared towards PvE, then yes. Of course it’s inevitable that we’d get more Banners.

There’s also a chance but I still think it’ll be around five characters. Op 2 introduced 2 heroes and 3 villains. But could be the same for Op 3. There’d prob be 2 or 3 arena maps, but it’s anyone’s guess.

I’m not really interested in Chrome Steel Cyclops. Except seeing what it looks like.

Just my opinion.

During last Dev Stream, the question was asked and answered, it will include more skins in comparison to OP 2, they mentioned exactly how much of each reward there is in OP2 and said exactly how much of each coming in OP3 , i can’t remember the amount hough but it was little more skins

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Chrome Steel Cyclops hasn’t been confirmed anywhere has it?

The focus for Chrome Steel is on the default character skins. We may get CS versions of non-default skins in the future but I suspect it wouldn’t be until much further down the line.

Aside from that, I really hope there will be at least two new maps.

And character wise I can’t seem them releasing more than what they have done - it will probably be 4 new characters initially (2 COG and 2 Swarm/Locust), with a 5th one mid-operation.

I just hope we get some more character variant skins in the TOD like Beast Rider, Sniper and Miner (for the Locust Drone) or Savage Kantus and Armored Kantus (for the Kantus).

What happened to the idea of releasing console skins, in other words, white steel characters?
Also, why don’t we have black steel characters yet? I miss Black Steel UIR and Kait :frowning:

Chrome Steel skins look meh…


Black Steel on Gears 5 characters would’ve been cooler for sure.


the chrome steel seem to be getting more black anyway with each release it seems so? theres hope
Guess they cant release black steel again or people would be moaning they already bought the skin in gow4


They better drop at least 2/3 new maps this time, this game definitely needs it…

The fact that we only got 1 new map (and Lift remake) from Operations 2 was really disappointing to say the least… :frowning:

well, then Gears 5 is doomed. is they give such little content in such a large time span, then the battle is over. Cya :wink:

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I am guessing that this is why they started with the “Collector’s” skins.

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Hope they’ll release more Collector’s skins in the next TOD.

They look better then most of the Chrome Steel one’s, they released so far… (Except for the Kantus one)

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Chrome Steel Kantus is an absolute minx! :grinning:

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I wish there was Black Steel. Missed opportunity from Gears 4.

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They’re gonna screw up, operation 2 was their chance to prove they’re taking us seriously and they failed. Miserably, I might add.

I actually think they’ll drop a bunch of things in operation 3. Probably will be the biggest of all operation drops to come. It’s kind of now or never for this game. Another disappointing operation drop will see the loss of a bunch of people. I just sense boredom from players I talk to. Big drop or big problems TC.

Black steel was great.
Chrome was such a let down compared to black steel.
And now they are kind of dedicated to it.
All we can do is hope for some awesome new esports gear.

Doubtful. It will be full of useless weapon skins i dont give a sh*t. Probably 3 or 5 characters that we dont want. Maps. Probably 2 NEW ones and 1 old one. I bought op. 2. But its was lack luster. It was a great deal then separate together…im losing more interest in the game day by day. Hell, im having MORE fun in battle front 2 right now for 40$ legacy edition honestly. And that game is 2 years old. If this fails…then TC needs a new overhaul of a team bc they dont really care!!!


“Heroes and villains” still has to be one of the most blatant and unoriginal, awkward attempts at making your game seem like it’s the same as others on the market.



Zero faith in this company. They hyped 4 which wasn’t the worst one but not the greatest but in their defense from what I gather it was dropped on them. Next, hyped Gears 5 and it’s a total mess, look at all the stunts and fibs they have done and got caught in since launch. Operation 1&2 all hyped nothing special about either. Each update fixes one and messes up 3. Ruined a few characters, biggest one is the onyx guard, just a muffled cog, locust drone now is the master of the enforcer, what about the hammerburst?

Tc is alway trying to put their spin on things and it keeps making the game worse. They’re still in EPIC’s shadow from Gears 1-3 and it bothers them.


But at least it’s fun. Don’t care of the title. Its the game play man. If you’re stingy on a title then game play. I pray for you

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