Do you think its possible that the swarm characters used in Arcade are placeholders for yet to be revealed villains?

We don’t know much about the story of gears 5 yet other then it’s being hyped as one of the biggest departures in terms of story-telling / a lot of people (myself included) really hoping it will be the first big step Microsoft IPs take to try and match the presentation and delivery of Sony first-party single-player campaigns.

With that being said a heroes story is only as good as its villains and I’m thinking (hoping) there are so cool unique Locust/Swarm/DeeBee villains that have not been revealed yet and would make better characters in Arcade than swarm drone/swarm hunter etc. If this is true it would make a lot of sense that they are not “revealed” to the world via getting a grenade shot up their ■■■ in a multiplayer trailer and we can expect them to be shown off closer to launch.

All of the cog characters are individuals with names and backstories etc so it is a little off-putting for the locust to all be generic characters.

another point for this would be that if there was nothing but generic enemies in the campaign why not bring back fan favorites such as skorge/RAAM/ Myrrah etc? If you are trying to make an off the wall crazy fun mode, being able to play as those awesome characters would certainly help that.

either way, this game is shaping up to be an amazing experience IMO and I’m beyond stoked… FRIDAY! WHERE ARE YOU!

I am sure that we will have many more characters to pick from in the final game.

They already mentioned that as they come out with new hero characters with unique abilities, for stuff like Escape mode, they’ll bring them over to Arcade mode. So, they’ll end up having to even things out on the Swarm side, so I see it happening.

It’s cool that Arcade mode is actually an add-on basically to all modes. As there’ll be the regular Social Playlist, and an Arcade Playlist. The Arcade mode we’ve seen so far is “Arcade Deathmatch” which is the Team Deathmatch version. There’ll be “Arcade KOTH” and other “Arcade” enhanced modes in the Arcade Playlist. So, that’s cool.

I’d just like to remind everyone to keep calm and be patient when the game is released and they see that the selection of characters is in all likelihood, limited.

Cast your mind back the GOW4… most custom characters were added further down the line. There was not a single Locust character in the roster until 6 months later, and there weren’t many “classic” human characters from GOW1-3 - Classic Delta was added a year later, while V-Day Anya and Sam were added until the series 2 cards.

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i mean I am calm, Im just saying a possibility that we don’t see characters like RAAM or skorge is because the new campaign is going to introduce some awesome new bad guys and that perhaps the generic characters are placeholders until that reveal takes place.

No one is freaking out or anything…

Wouldn’t be surprised as we’re still seeing the Gears 4 JD being used over the new one

Just that you mentioned some Locust characters. And we’ve seen alot of people get hysterical and post threads demanding X and Y characters. :wink: No worries dude! My comment is as much for other people who may read it as you