Do you think Gears 6 multiplayer will be free-to-play?

since halo infinites multiplayer was made completely f2p, what do you guys think will happen with gears 6 multiplayer?

Probably but I hope it isn’t. Itll just end up in the same boat as Infinite Multiplayer. Infinite has alot of cheaters and with the game being F2P the store is awful and the battle pass system is awful.


i really hope it isn’t F2P too, halo infinite doesn’t require as much skill as gears does. but seeing as Microsoft put one of their biggest franchises for f2p im worried about gears.

plus, I found one of your comments today in a gears of war 4 video lol.

Thats a throwback. I used to watch Pete back in the day but he doesn’t upload too much anymore. His pack opening videos were always outrageous because he would buy like 10-15 esports packs at a time lol


same! i miss him lol he posts like once every couple of months and doesn’t return.

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Depends how the MP system is placed. Players will complain about cheaters, an enormous skill gap, etc.

Crossplay should stay on without the option to remove for the cry babies out there; yeah I said it.



I completely forgot how robbery those Esports packs were. I remember when they first came out you wouldn’t even get a Legendary. They changed at some point to where you’re guaranteed a character but, ■■■■ paying $10 for RNG. I might as well drive to the Strip and gamble for actual money at that point. I remember getting so mad when I got BS Savage Theron twice in a row when I wanted to get BS Ben Carmine.

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The fact that I can get 20+ kills without HUD and at 30 fps in FFA and sometimes win says a lot.


Anyone who are still on the old consoles and are dominating are the real champs.

I think it will and it’s welcomed. Gears need to grow in popularity again.

I actually don’t — it’s the number one thing Gow6 needs, but Gow has always, and I mean always been behind the times with regard to changes such as this. F2P Mulitplayer would be incredible, we’d get more content and at least in theory more players.

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I prefer quality over quantity when it comes to this playerbase. Sure we have many…questionable…people in this community but that would certainly multiply tenfold should the game be F2P and attract the likes of the CoD fan base.
Depends on the actual success of the game of course but it’s certainly plausible.

I’m getting a migraine at the very thought.

very hot topic, prefer to buy. SP via Gamepass and MP F2p? only if it is very well made and has no cheater problems. I don’t want the quality to suffer, I just play Gears, nothing else, I don’t care what it costs