Do you think Fenix Collection will be shown tomorrow at Xbox & Bethesda event?

What are your expectations for the Fenix Collection? Do you think it will be presented tomorrow?



I doubt anything gears related will be shown tomorrow.
But I wouldn’t mind to be proved wrong.

Can anybody explain me from where all this Fenix collection rumors come from? Is there even a grain of credibility in this rumors?

Or are they in the same category as the rumors about Grand theft auto 6 that have been going around the past 5 years? (Complete bullcrap in other words)

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I wouldn’t be shocked if MS is looking to remaster old titles, especially as that kind of thing is happening fairly frequently at this point, but…rumours of a gears trilogy remaster has been going on since UE was announced, but more recently an “insider” on a podcast said MS is working on a series remaster, and its either Fable or Gears.

In my mind, if someone knew rather than guessing why wouldn’t they just say which franchise it is? It comes across more like vague guessing to me, like if I predicted we would get a new Gears game “within the next 3 years from right now”.

If it was campaigns only I would probably find it believable, but that probably wouldn’t sell well.

And if in fact brings the mp, then that would only make each game remaining player base even smaller. Unless they preemptively close the old servers when they release the newer versions, but that would probably make people angry forcing them to upgrade.

The whole concept of Fenix collection doesn’t seem to make sense from a financial viewpoint, gears playerbase it’s simple too niche for that.

I guess we will see if it comes, but I seriously doubt something like that will ever happen.


I imagine if it does happen it would either be campaign/horde only, or perhaps have 1 universal MP, otherwise its a lot of extra work for little reward, and as you said will split up the playerbase even further.

I completely agree,


Show that out of each generation (360 and Xbox one), Gears titles actually went down in sales with each title in a linear fashion.

I could only see it exist to have more gamepass day 1 releases to satisfy MS strategy to keep having 1st party titles release and try to retain people on the service.

I watched some youtube channel/video talking about future games coming out and in possible production, this guy said TC are working on 3 games, gears 6, fenix collection and a mandalorian game.

Wish someone would make QUAKE 5😃

Remastering gears 2 and 3? I feel like that would take years. Animations, not just for movement, but also voice-lines, especially in the campaigns. All the assets that would be remade. Would take time, if it were real

I’m 50:50 on this, the rumors are attacking each other and for me I have no reason to trust one more than the other. The Nick dude sticking by his guns is promising though.

If the Collection isn’t real — if nothing is revealed to be coming out within the next year — I think that’s one of the final nails in the GoW coffin. You’d need like 4 more nails to have it done with completely, but this would be one of the final nails.

The one caveat to this is if GoW6 is 2023, but literally no one thinks that(including me) and people don’t think that so much I feel that even mentioning this will trigger some einstein into saying “Nah no way that’ll happen.”

GoW has never had a smaller player base, lower viewership on streaming/video platforms(despite the growth of these platforms) or less relevance than it does right now. If there is no game released in 2022, whether that be a collection or a Gow2/Gow3 remaster — then by 2023 it will have been the longest absence between GoW releases ever.

Thinking that you can do this to a tiny community with ever shrinking numbers — the companies in charge of this IP have made mistake after mistake after mistake, but this would be the biggest one.


You bring up some good points, tbh.

I agree … and if they release a fenix collection they shoud make three games into one … since the player base is small it’s a dumb idea to split the multiplayer in three different games (Gears 1 2 and 3), they should make only one multiplayer with all maps from Gears 1 to 3.

Also, I don’t think Gears 6 is gonna save the franchise since peoeple are ubhappy with Gears 5 and the result of this is a player base smaller than ever before … And I don’t see Gears 6 changing the formula from Gears 5 … the only thing that could save save the franchise in my opinion is a Fenix Collection and a future Gears 6 similar to the older games … Gears has to go back to its roots!!

They shouldn’t have to. People got all worked up over a random dude saying there’s a collection from Microsoft happening and the same dude wouldn’t say his sources. All these Gears fans set themselves up for disappointment, I don’t ever believe rumors i only believe what actual developers say.


You know the fanbase is starved of Gears content when people are relying on “source(s): dude trust me” for any semblance of hype.

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You can thank the almighty TC for their incredible PR skills.

I’ve never met a more incompetent team that cant talk to their fans.


I feel like the franchise is just a relic of its time sadly. I can’t think of a franchise that is more stuck between a rock and a hard place besides this one. On one end, you have people understandably claiming it’s just the same game as the last one. On the other end, you have people who will throw a fit the second they see a massive significant change in gameplay. It really doesn’t help that the TC has a bad habit of “we’ll launch the game in a broken and barebones state then fix it later when it’s way too late” and the Xbox brand as a whole isn’t very relevant when you compare it to Xbox during the 360/PS3/Wii era.


I’m still trying to figure out why on earth they gutted Custom Hives and actively refuse to bring back some store items that some of which were for iron only when they could easily do so with a push of a button.

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Allowing replayability to their already limited playable game? What a concept…

A story based RPG gears game could totally spice up the franchise. Or you know, A Judgment style of gears but with big team battles or capital supremacy. If TC continues to keep gears the same, 6 will most likely be the last gears game.

Game pass has definitely helped Xboxs relevance, and with the acquisition of Activision I think that xbox might be able to compete with Playstation.

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Please remember not to link to leaks or rumours,

I have been very lenient with the rules, discussing what you would want from a remastered collection is fine but TC is strict in not linking to rumours.