Do you really need anyone else?

These are the two best GoWs, nothing else comes close. Discuss.

Needs more cowbell

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Unpopular Opinion

I believe Gears of War 3 was really flawed from a balance standpoint. Its just been so long since most people have played it while 4 and 5 don’t leave the greatest impression on people.

Overall Gears 3 is pretty sweet though

I think GoW3 was more balanced than Gow4core, and offered a wider variety of gameplay options than GoW4comp/Gow5.

The only two things I think were really overpowered in GoW3 are spray lancers and the retro poke combo.

GoW2 the best ever

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This man gets it :wink::+1:


This man is clinically insane


Could be worse. Much worse.

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Honestly I’d play Judgment over POP any day.

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Are you saying you’d rather play Gears POP?

What is this “Gears POP” you speak of?

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i think roadie run strafing up to someone, and then bodying them in one shot was def a lot easier in gears 3

modded controllers with the hammerburst too

A money grab F2P mobile game. It definitely exists. Let me just look it up on the Google play store… it’s not there, I swear it exists. I’m not crazy!!!

@GhostofDelta2 back me up, you played a ton of it

Servers are shut down. It is no more.

I only ever played modded hb’s in ranked but I always thought it was nerdier to sit there spamming your RT 400,000 times a day, hurting your hand in the process than it was to just buy a evil controller and hold it down.

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If it were still available and I had to pick between the two, yes.

I’m not a heretic.

I’m aware. Twas just a question

How the mighty have fallen