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Do you prefer 4 man or 5 man team?


(villa casual 42) #1

Just recently I been completing a few games with 3 teammates.
I noticed that more often than not it seems to go better.
Don’t get me wrong if one of the main 2 quit it can be a pain. Plus I’m not saying the person that quits is a bad player but it’s like the rest of the team pulls together and play as a team more.
Yes it takes that bit longer with only 4,but it’s not so cramped and everyone bunched up because it’s a small map.

(III EnVii III) #2

5 man any day.

I enjoy playing with my friends.

It’s what got me into Gears.

(Duffman GB) #3

I have no issue with 4 player on 1/UE but think 5 is probably better. What I would love to return is 4 player co-op. Who knows maybe for the third game in TC’s trilogy, just like Epic did.
I do not buy that it takes anything away. Gears 3 on insane with the same 3 chaps (and J) was a brilliant experience, probably my fav ever in over 35 years of gaming.

(iUltraxx) #4

I enjoy 5v5 more than 4v4.

I can get more kills! :smile:

(mike yaworski) #5

4v4. I think the game is too cramped and it’s too easy to cover lanes with 5 people. Foundation mid is absurd when there’s a boom in mid.


5 if possible. Although I usually only have 2-3 friends that are available to play

(Belkain) #7

Op didn’t mentioned it but the tag is for Horde, not versus.

Depends on the map and the engis build but once you learn your class one leaving means nothing, it can actually be better and like you said, once quitters leave the rest usually play as an actual team.

My best horde friends came from finishing games with 2 or 3 people left. The more the merrier but nowadays it’s quite rare to finish a game with the whole team.

(GB6 Kazuya) #8

5 man, without a doubt. Strength in numbers. More human shiel…eh, teammates who are THOROUGHLY expendab…eh, damn it, exceptionally usel…ful in battle.


Made me crack up. Thank you

(GB6 Kazuya) #10

My pleasure :+1:

(Gigant0pithecus) #11

5 man for sure. When someone goes down you’re down to three guns firing, as one of the remaining four needs to go revive. Easy to get overrun with fewer guns keeping the horde back.

(NinjaChang) #12

Play alone, become a God. Simple. I play with a select few friends occasionally. 1 friend goes like 1 and 13 most times. He even went 0 and 17 whilst drunk the other day, then I told him he could quit out of the match.

Grow some balls. When good players send me FR, I say thanks but no thanks, why would I want to crush the opponent. I like it fair or odds stacked against me so I can slap up a stack (GOW2). Requires you to get lucky and get some beast teammates. Check out my youtube if you like some GOW2 slaps haha. search ninjachang (no spaces)

edit, wait is this for horde, nvm then loool

(mizzelphug) #13

32 v 32. Put the war into Gears of War.

(Ctoriez) #14


(jamaine7) #15

What about 5 people in campaign

(RaiNy F a l Lx) #16

6 v 6 .

I just want to be different dont mind me …