Do you need to play on master for the highest time bonus on escape?

I noticed some modifiers, for example this week’s “shielded heavies” modifier on blight, give a x1 time bonus. Does that mean I can still get the max time bonus modifier if I remove shielded heavies? I feel like clearing with randoms would be easier if I did.

If not does each difficulty have it’s own added bonus? For example master could be x3 whereas inconceivable could be x2.5 time bonus?

Not necessarily. It depends on the time. Some are more forgiving than others.

The Blight is just dependent on RNG, where the COG tags spawn, and which doors open to whichever paths.

But some weekly challenges are achievable on as low as Elite, but it varies from hive to hive.

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I mean can you still get the highest time modifier on inconceivable if I just remove the modifier that gives a x1 time bonus

Well if you want to go for the top time you need to go for master, the bonus for everything is higher.
If you just want the gold time in Blight inconceivable should be enough(I don’t know the needed time at the moment), but it’s a gamble with the stupid door mechanism.
You can always use the epic score boost that brings your time bonus about to master, depending on how high the card is.

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Do you know how much higher it is? I’m going to be using my level 15 combat medic because it seems decent and it could benefit from the 30k xp.

Insane starts at 12 minutes and gets -3 Bonus minutes per Cog Tag.
Inconc starts at 6 Minutes and gets -4 bonus minutes per Cog Tag.
Master starts at 0:00 and gets 5 Minutes bonus per cog tag.
Without Score boost that is.
Can’t tell you the kill/headshot/mark etc. times.


Damn that’s a lot of time I guess ill try Master if I can find a lobby.

The main rule of lower difficulties is that the time penalties are consistent.

So Inconceivable has a time penalty of 6 minutes; Insane is 12 minutes (so you start with this time on the clock. On master you start on 0).

COG tags are worth fewer points. It reduces incrementally by 30 seconds per difficulty dropped for the first few, so on Master you get 5 minutes per COG tag, and Inconceivable you get 4 mins 30 secs etc.

Actually I think it should be 60 seconds taken off each difficulty dropped for the first few, not 30 secs.

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I’m pretty sure it drops 1 minute each time from Master to Inconc to Insane.
Then 30 Seconds after that for elite to beginner,
Same as Elite 18 Minutes start -> advanced 20 Minutes start.
The penalty gets less after elite basically for the easy modes.

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Is it? It might well be. I can’t remember. :smiley:


You can do the challenge on inconceivable but if you don’t get 2 cog tags you won’t get the gold time

I had level 3 and lvl6 score boost cards and we did 10 minutes 56
You need at least 2 cog tags on inconceivable difficulty

Just FYI you can find a list of how much time an enemy is worth (and the best way to kill it to get the most time out of it) here:!3018&ithint=file%2Cxlsx&authkey=!AM4wRHwmGCsSmLY

It’s also adjustable depending on how many score cards you have equipped and on which level and you can also select the difficulty. It should automatically adjust all the times so you can compare the differences.

EDIT: Meatshield one might be wrong and not even giving any time anymore now, can’t remember.