Do you like GL spamming?

GL spamming is one of the worse things in this game. Why are they doing this, let alone, THEIR WERE NO ENEMIES! Lol.

I do not get the appeal of this weapon, i always found it less effective than other explosive weapons due to the wonky controls for aiming.

Yes I do


I only do GL spamming when there’s a Wakatu or others Bosses that we don’t have a Demolition to have a fast kill.

A frozen Wakatu can deal much more damage that can kill it quickly in late wave.

What is this thing you call… GL…? Gin and Lemonade…? General Ledger? Good Luck? :wink:

Honestly, I just use the Boomshot and scavenge other explosives like Torque and Dropshot as they come. Some people rely on the GL too much. I think I might have used the GL in Horde just once in the last 3 months.


The GL sucks

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If you ever catch me Freedom Lancer spamming make sure to put me in the video
I’m trying to get this internet clout



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I don’t like using GL.
Also hate when players spam it and thus take the joy out of the game.

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It’s called the Freedom Lancer, you heathens


You should put the Team America theme song over the top of that clip.


Yes, when there is enemies, very effective

But I’m not a huge fan of the demo anyways.


I haven’t bothered levelling up my Demo or Tactician. Camping at the back of the base spamming no-aim, no-skill explosives sounds boring af. It may be effective, but looks extremely boring to play. You could argue Marksman is the same, but at least that requires some skill to pull off headshots consecutively (plus the headshot sfx is really satisfying)

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I have a bigger dislike for people who think any weapon doesn’t deserve use in a game that created the weapon.

Literally hundreds of threads like this.

Some think using a GL is like drinking hot tea without the pinky up.

Since we have custom lobbies, it’s a non issue.

My favorite thing to do is empty salvos all around between waves. Then spam GLs during waves.

No pinky up for me.

I’ll take an ice cold sweet tea in a glass that requires all fingers on deck to lift.


How about Langer GL?

I find it annoying when playing as the marksmen because the gl lancer makes the screen shake


I dont bc i usually only play characters that require me to be up close to the enemies. So the demos and tacts usually end up spamming where I am with their GLs and it makes my screen shake alot. And most of the time they spam like 8 shots in their ult at 1 guy who’s down, sometimes I think to myself “are they even looking at their screen or just spamming RB until the wave ends?” Lol


The price paid for opening up the Fabricator to everyone.
I have said it before, and i will say it again, the Lancer GL is a Command Weapon. It is, or should be restricted to certain Characters, but this is now a hard thing to follow through with now the system has changed. Again.

And to answer the question, “Do you like GL spamming?”. In this case “No”. It is pointless and shows a lack of respect to the weapon and the game, let alone the other players in the game.

For training purposes, this is how not to use the Lancer GL.

gl spamming is how you play tact. gl spamming is terrible gameplay wise. too much shaking + annoying noises.

I mean, it’s annoying, sure. It’s also ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■ effective.

When I want to just get my daily over with, I kinda like having a Tactician blowing stuff up to make it go faster. Don’t play the class much myself because i personally find it boring as hell.