Do you ignore bosses if you aren't a boss killing class?

Sweet and simple really. If you’re only doing poke damage to bosses at the beginning/middle of a wave are you ignoring or still fighting? What if the boss breaches, are you changing your original plan? Keep in mind boss swapping aggro doesn’t take much.

To answer my own question if I’m playing like Marksman or Veteran I’m usually mobbing before bossing. If the boss breaches I tend to then focus on the boss.

also breaches = inside base lol

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No matter what class I play I always try to kill the bosses last, Always played horde that way.

This will be the only time I will switch targets, odepending on difficulty and how big the base is, if its a small base on lower difficultys I will just run out of the base and draw agro to get the boss out of the base.

Depends on the boss and indeed if the class I’ve chosen works well against a boss. No point in wasting ammo if you barely do any damage on it. I’d focus on everything else on the map, and if the boss is the last one standing I’ll try to see what I can contribute.

For me it depends on the situation. I generally main Marksman and Veteran (like you mentioned), and I tend to focus on the “major threat”. In some cases, the bosses aren’t always the biggest threat on the field. Sometimes it’s the boomshot Scion or even a Palace Guard. I tend to prioritize what I feel will be the biggest hinderance for my team and pick them off first.

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My names james fenix…

I kill eveything.

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Fairly weaker one to bosses.

Honestly handling Scions and Palace Guards before boss can be make or break. Feels like if the boss doesn’t melt you might aswell save it for last. Never fun trying to do it during a Swarmak though as a Precision class.

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If I’m mechanic / re, I won’t ignore the bosses because I have nothing to do :joy:

As far as I’m concerned, with the classes that I play it goes like this :

In general, I prefer to clean up trash mobs before the boss, unless it jumps into the base, rushes or spawns nearby.

If I am playing Gunner or Pilot, I almost make it a responsibility to keep the boss stunned or try to get its aggro if it’s a Kestrel or Swarmak that can shoot at me during the ult. Will still focus on backup mobs if I don’t have a boss to shoot at/keep stunned or they are getting out of hand. But if there’s a Wakaatu about and I’m playing Gunner you bet I’ll be shooting that thing with my Torque Bows so it doesn’t shoot its stupid acid balls that you can hardly dodge everywhere.

Marksman or Nomad, generally ignore bosses until last except if it’s like a Kestrel where I can actually shoot its weakpoints consistently, or if we get a Snatcher or Matriarch rushing the base where I’ll go and freeze it with the Marksman. Then go back to dealing with the regular enemies, if I need to divert attention from them at all. Wakaatu with the stupid screenshaking nonsense can suck it hard though.

Anchor is a 50/50 since Bloody Shot can still put a decent dent into bosses, but unless they’re on my lane or have to be dealt with immediately or I can use my barrier to have teammates hide behind it during the Kestrel or Swarmak wave, still tend to prioritize trash mobs. Will definitely use a boss to farm ult charge off of if it goes on cooldown though.

But giving a completely straightforward answer isn’t really possible since it’ll depend on the situation which cannot always be predicted, what the class and map is, etc.


If I use something like an Architect I tend to get rid of all the smaller mobs first. I do however keep an eye out on the boss, especially if there’s Regeneration on (or whatever the mod is for the enemies regaining health over time) so that I can waste a few bullets here and there to prevent the boss from regenerating. Even if the boss is inside the base since usually it’s not the boss that’s causing problems but the smaller mobs. An exception is the Swarmak where I’ll try to destroy the back blisters or at least try to get the attention of it so others can destroy the back blisters.


I generally prefer mobbing up before killing a boss, especially if not a boss killer.

“What if the boss breaches, are you changing your original plan?”
Depends on the Map but generally I will try to get out of the base and mob up behind it.

When using a class which does low damage to bosses I target mobs that I can kill. Which in turn helps the boss killers not get shot up by Scions, drones etc.
The only time I would switch focus to the boss is if I have no choice I.e. the boss is in our base and escape isn’t possible.

Edit: Of course if it is the last enemy I ain’t going to sit and wait for the players to kill them.

Love posting on mobile with my fat thumbs.


Nothing worse than firing shots at the Swarmi or Waki as the last enemy in wave 40 and notice that your shots are the only thing being shot at it.

WTH is everyone doing?

It entirely depends on the base, the type of boss and the competence of my team mates. But in most cases I prefer to take out heavy opponents such as Scions first as to not be fatally surprised while focusing on the boss.

Marksman, Gunner and Pilot might do poke damage (stuns and freeze) but they aren’t useless.


I don’t think they’re useless I just believe if you’re a class like Fahz who has Matriarch aggro at the start of the wave you’re going to be spending alot of time dodging and poking instead of dealing with things around you.

Ok but what does this mean?

Ignoring the boss and fighting mobs, or ignoring the mobs and fighting boss?

I was just saying that even though those three class might do weak damage, their stuns and freezing are really useful against the boss itself, so it doesn’t come to base.

Okay but what are you doing as those classes then, Are you attacking mobs or bosses first? I’m not disregarding them as useful classes I just wanna know your priorities on situations where the boss has just spawned or if the boss has broken into the base.

Maybe you feel like you’ll never be in that situation as those classes, I don’t know.

No ,I’ll put a few bullets into the boss,just to help fellow gamers , also mark the boss,but b4 i try and finish off all swarm first.

I’f I’m not a boss killing class then yes, I try to ignore them for as long as I can, focusing on the smaller enemies. It’s really important in my opinion to make sure all the smaller enemies are dead before you focus on the boss. That doesn’t mean I don’t know where they are, specially with Matriarchs, you need to keep an eye on their movements.

It never ceases to amaze me of the number of waves that fail when everyone is focused on the main boss, yet it’s one of the little guys who puts you all down. I’ve seen one juvie put three people down and a sniper the other two. I’ve also seen one shock grenade put 5 people down at the end of a boss wave after the boss was killed.

I do this often when my team has issues with the boss, even as an engineer
I grab a flamethrower or cyro cannon which helps greatly especially with matriarch

I use active freeze when i play sniper to help freeze bosses for my team to kill as well