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Do you get anything for getting 11/11 gilded challenges done?

Just got last challenge done and was curious whether or not you get a reward for getting all 11 challenges done.

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I don’t think so, if there is anything, it would’ve been mentioned in a tweet or here:


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You get what each challenge gives you dude. At least for me, once I get 11/11 tonight, i’ll get the bonus of uninstalling Gears 4 for eternity.


I just got bored.

Lol wow you must hate GOW 4 with that kinda response.

“Do you get a bonus unlock for the challenges?”

Tony: “Dude…you get the unlocks, from the challenges…that’s the point of the challenges…”



I hope not i have the JD one left and dont want to do it.

Hey! We have the Forum Event this weekend!

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Oh yeah. I just played waves 1-10 with a 200 Kills bounty once a day for two weeks. Takes like 20 mins if you have a powerful Scout/Heavy. But I can see why you’d avoid adding another JD to your collection.

Lol i just really dont enjoy horde. I dont know why. I played it a lot in Gears 3. But i much rather play Ranked Versus.

Yeah same here. But you know…it was completeable and I had time. Figured it out.

I hope Horde 4.0 isn’t so stale. But if they let us make our own maps… that’d be excellent. People could make something (close to) River and maybe with preset waves, or something like that?

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If it had better boss battles it would probably be good. tbh I am more interested in Escape.

Yeah. Snatchers, Carriers, they’re slow and boring. I miss the Berserkers.


I think it’s more bored. I’m sure he’s been playing it since day one.
I got 4 levels to get wings 4 then I’ll probably uninstall myself ready for 5.
Especially as it’s on games with gold this month…

You will get an expression saying “gotta catch them all” that you can make your characters say in the mvp screen after a match

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Well played but do you really need anything else.
Have to say TC have done well with this incentive.
Works for them and us.
I enjoy all the freebies but once Myrrah and Sam are in MP that will do me. :wink:

Indeed mate, not forgetting Reavers, Corpsers, Bloodmounts etc. At least it looks like we are getting a Swarmserker :crossed_fingers:

Duff out/Locust Forever

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Reason you say ?
It is easy, it is because 2.0 is a magnificent beasts of a mode and 3.0 very much is not.

Fingers crossed for 4.0


I mean the game didnt do enough for me. I did not like the campaign . I dont play much MP at all and Horde was alright but needed more variety of enemies.

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I was wondering this myself, if all Road to G5 challenges would have an additional reward if completed. I hope not, I really don’t want to suffer through horde for boosts.