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Do you consider the game to be "dead" at this point?


(The Sloth T34) #41

It already is happening. I notice an increased of high ranking players in social (Including diamonds). I’ve also notice an increase of non re ups that are suspciously too good.

(Benallatrump911) #42

Filled with cheater it does nothing we win games the percentage does not move we lose its downhill it’s aberrant

(Me0wMix CatFood) #43

You were 100% about this. With even one diamond, we couldn’t find late night matches even after 20min. With only onyx accts, we found matches in 1 to 2 minutes. And, in those matches the top scoring opponents were mostly people on brand new accts.

Once again, in trying to fix something, TC created a bigger problem. I hope they realize matchmaking just isn’t going to be ideal with a lower player base and creating long queues is either going to drive people away, or cause them to make things even worse with a flood of alts.

(III EnVii III) #44

The problem is, can TC tell the difference or will they see these new accounts and the majority finding matches and say one again “working as intended”.

Because it freezes out legitimate Diamond players …

(Omen LP) #45

I agree… I have a different problem… On my main account I spent the first year+ of Versus just screwing around, having silly fun, not doing much, so there is a long term trend of poor performance (this was the first time ever I tried multiplayer versus), So when I started to actually try and learn how to get better about a season or two ago, it was EXTREMELY difficult to move up in rank, because of that long term trend.

Created a new account (originally for my son, but I switched to using it full time now), Onyx in no time, this season - same performance, same team mates, similar games…

I’ll go back to using my main account once Gears 5 comes out, but playing Gears 4 on that is like running with ankle weights… Which is too bad, all my characters, skins, etc, are in the main account…

(mizzelphug) #46

It’s dead for me. I normally played at night but I’ve only loaded the game up once so far this year. I didn’t even play enough matches to get a rank yet.

(sincable) #47

im on east coast and at mid afternoon i find matches easily in execution tdm and 2v2 the others take longer and at night like from 10pm to 1am it takes longer to find matches like 2 to 15 min in execution on the other 2 it takes like 2-4 mins. not that bad just i only really like execution.

(Andy UFC fan) #48

When more times than not my search timer hits 60 MINUTES yes it’s dead. I think the franchise and developer is dead to me at this point.


Played several games last night, both Koth and TDM, and I got games in literally seconds. Looks like I’m one of the few lucky ones…

(III EnVii III) #50

Wait till you hit Diamond, you’ll soon be one us lobby watchers :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Lol. That ain’t gonna happen anytime soon :rofl:

(KatzeVomMond) #52

Me and my friends managed to find three tdm games and one koth game in 4 hours of searching on a saturday afternoon. And all of these games weren’t even on EU servers. You finally killed gears 4, tc. Great Job.


You gotta give then credit, they did a great job in that regard!

(sincable) #54

wow where are you at ? and time you played.

(Milan89SD) #55

It Is dead to TC long time now…

(ValkerieEffect) #57

you Know what’s the biggest joke of this game? It’s all the gow goofs who actually think diamond means anything other than stacked teams who play over and over again. Total joke.

If this game meant anything, more people would play because it’s a good and fair game. It’s not and if I go on to social and see a diamond (ohhhhh…so scary) who gives a flying ■■■■?! So what if a stacked bs player is now on social? Do they have my respect? No! I’ve beat them easily…how? Because they don’t have a stacked team!!!

Game is a total joke. Let there be a forum for stacked teams vs stacked teams - then I’ll have respect for those players who are up against evenly matched players.

Otherwise - your rank means Shyte.

(III EnVii III) #58

The amount of times I’ve gone into a Social - as the 10th - completely dominated for the match and the next, then had pretty much everyone quit out …

I could dominate Social as 2 all day long - it’s far too easy.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #59

I’m one of the most team oriented and cross heavy people you’ll ever meet but it’s rare I don’t mvp a social even though all I’m doing is warming up, practicing my bounce, etc. I usually leave after 1 match, 2 tops, because I don’t feel good about ruining it for casual players.

It’s clear that guy has resentments about not getting diamond but he might not be getting diamond because he misunderstands how you get it. My friends that get D5 don’t get it because of their teams (many people get it that way, but not the ones I play with). They get it by being aggressive and killing everything before everyone else. They aren’t just crossing and waiting for team support, they are slaying out. Doing that successfully without being the “idiot who died 15 times” takes skill and deserves some respect.

There are people with that level of skill who don’t play that way and won’t have a rank that reflects their skills, but this “diamond means nothing” attitude is tired. When I play with guys who say this, I see them making mistake after mistake and they refuse to accept that they’re doing something wrong.

(III EnVii III) #60

Pretty much.

I’ve said it before - there are so many variables that you cannot judge a Diamond player off one game.

But anyway, I mess around in social, it’s merely to get the bounce going and tighten up the Gnasher accuracy.

(RayzilIa) #61

I have been sitting here for 43 minutes and still have not found a king of the hill match. I just started playing again yesterday and didn’t have a problem all day, but probably because it was sunday. Kicker is if i back out i am going to get a quit penalty. Very disappointing.

Edit: So quit and tried guardian, found a match in 5 seconds. Smh

Edit: Correction. I found a lobby in 5 seconds, since then i have found 3 lobbies and all have dissolved after trying to load the map.