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Do you consider the game to be "dead" at this point?


(III EnVii III) #21

I can’t see myself booting it up again now, it’s just not worth it anymore, I’ll find something else to play or just wait and see what E3 holds.


Well, It was a pleasure getting to play with you. Hopefully we can do another private forum match at some point.

(eviltedi) #23

I’ve felt that way with Gears 4 and Halo 5, I appreciate you have played Gears 4 more, but I could not stand the way it was made. It’s a shame too, everyone went rng loot this gen. Hopefully E3 will give us something to look forward to with Gears 5.

(III EnVii III) #24

I disliked Halo 5 a lot, I felt it strayed too far away from the formula.

I don’t mind paying for things but the system should be fair for sure.

(mike yaworski) #25

It’s definitely dead on PC now. This season was the final nail in the coffin. Season 4 killed Escalation, Season 5/6 killed KOTH, and now my friends are telling me that even TDM is dead. Nothing left to play on PC. Probably due to the rampant cheaters combined with the stricter matchmaking they implemented.

(Krylon Blue) #26

That’s a shame.

I don’t find myself booting it up much either. I love it but every match I get now is full of lag worse than I ever saw in Season 5 or tons of quitters. It’s just not much fun anymore. But I will try and play it hoping it’s better even though I know it isn’t.


Well, it is much more fun for me when I get to play with you guys. But yeah. running solo is nearly impossible now

(Krylon Blue) #28

We will get some matches in again. It’s just annoying with all the nonsense going on lately. But at least one cheater gave up in doing so. Too bad there’s plenty more and a ton of bad connections.


Oh, did Shark give up?

(AliceInChainsaw) #30

I searched for games on a few different occasions with Envi for KOTH matches and we had a very hard time finding them. Honestly, I think we maybe played 2 games out of 3 or 4 sessions where we got together and searched. (As a whole… not each session)

Same thing the other night…We searched and couldn’t find anything, except then I decided to log into a smurf account I made a few seasons back that hadn’t been touched in probably 6 months. Very little history on it… Don’t think it was ever over an Onyx 2 or so.

Instant back to back matches in KOTH.

They definitely *tweaked something with ranks/PC/matchmaking…

*threw high ranked players off a cliff.

(dr eggman19) #31

Does seem to have died off a little but hopefully it will pick back up when new packs and stuff drop in the coming weeks.

(III EnVii III) #32

It is a shame,

I would have stuck through all the BS that is thrown at you however when I can’t even find matches after hours and hours, there is literally nothing else you can do.

There’s only so many Private Escalation matches I can play that lead to no real progression or sense of achievement (no ranks) and it’s pretty much always with the same group of people. It’s definitely fun for a couple of matches but i personally get burnt out on this very quick.

Ranked KOTH is always where I’ve felt most comfortable and happy to win / lose on. It’s where all my Xbox friends would play. It’s a shame I can’t play with the majority of them due to Crossplay and low playerbase meaning matches take longer to find. Now it’s impossible further still even with my PC friends because our individual skill is too high to matchmake with anyone else, let alone as a 2/3/4/5. I guess it’s the ultimate compliment that you don’t want, being too good to play agaisnt anyone else.

Now this is one of the biggest downsides to this game, I would love to team up with someone like @AliceInChainsaw a lot more often, it’s refreshing to play with someone like you for sure and the few friends I’ve invited alongside me during this time have said the same thing.

But again, the sad thing is, we search for so long and find NOTHING for ages! Literally sat in the lobby - even as a 2.

This was ridiculous, prior to you joining, as I mentioned, we were sat in the Matchmaking from 12am GMT and you joined us around the 2am-2:20am GMT time. So I’m first off trying to play at really late times, my reactions and skill have definitely dropped off during this period of the night.

So over 2 hours of searching and NOTHING.

Just 3 people in the match.

Switch to Smurf account - instant game :expressionless:

So we were literally kept in the MM for no reason at all.

And it’s the same story however I search.

But I don’t think anyone should have to Smurf to play the game - this is ridiculous.

On top of that, I’m not the greatest play when my ping is 20x higher than what it should be - plus much higher than what I would find acceptable to play on at a high level - @Krylon_Blue my ping is too stable and therefore I’m just a easy target for everyone. This isn’t to say I can’t play whatsoever however it just makes it frustrating than anything else.

But yeah, I can’t always be playing a 12-1-2-3am in the morning and even then it would be in the hope of playing 1-3 games and further still, as I can’t stack with a full team, hoping no one quits or goes afk during this (pretty much every match now it seems) and finally, having to play at a disadvantage due to ping.

So that’s literally me done now, I’ve hit high end Onyx 3 on TDM/KOTH/2v2 and this is from the FEW games I’ve managed to actually play since the season began, I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve spent HOURS AND HOURS in the Matchmaking Lobby this season.

@TC_Octus you need to look at how strict MM is affecting people and stopping them playing for sure. It’s not right freezing out a section of players like this.

It’s sad to say I’ve had to give up my favourite game due to the developer freezing me and my friends out from playing.

(Krylon Blue) #33


Your ping and my ping on opposite servers from our own actually makes it a bit difficult. My shots register but the delay in movement is something I can’t get used to in one match. Stability is key and the real issue with this game is how poorly it handles fluctuations. In other words, it’s designed to benefit Mexico and only Mexico. They can’t even deny this without being liars themselves. It’s so widely seen and documented that Mexico based players cause almost all of the issues on US servers.

My solution? Lock Mexico to their own server and bring Europe onto US servers when needed. The experience, even for low pings on US soil, will improve by 100x when compared to playing Mexico.

(III EnVii III) #34

And this makes it difficult.

When I face solid pings, I’m ok, I actually ping 60 to US East - which to me is just about acceptable to play and even though it’s not ideal, I’d take this ping to get matches at least. When I’m Central at 100ms (which seems to be most common for me) - there’s a definite increase in difficulty here. I’m always half red when I can visually see someone Lancering me due to the lag, however at 60, it’s still playabale.

When there are such varying pings this makes it even harder.

I struggle to know how someone can have more than me (like 2-3-4x my 100ms Ping) and become invincible.

I had an incredibly difficult game on 2v2 because I was at 180ms ping and my teammate on 200 ping - decided to put us on US West. Horrendous match that we just about won. 2v2 is the only mode where it randomly puts you on any server…

The point is, there are people who regularly play on this ping and it’s unbelievable!

The game definitely caters to high pings to the detriment of low pings. It’s backwards. No other game in history would swing so much in favour of POOR CONNECTIONS.

But still, when your 2 years into a game and used to 5ms ping with 9 players all under 30ms - to suddenly go and play 1 or 2 games at 2am in the morning at Diamond Level - WITHOUT A STACK - is just not worth it - because you always get the players on your team who quit, go AFK or just can’t keep up skill wise.

(Goodacre) #35

we don’t know because for what ever reason TC wont tell us how many players are currently playing the game.

(UniversalTuning) #36

Gears 4 is basically TCs Gears 5 beta I’m sure we all have realized this by now

Lets hope they have learned from this experience

(AliceInChainsaw) #37

At this point, I don’t even think that tally count matters anymore in the realm of us calculating whether it’s worth it to try joining into their matchmaking system.

For example, it could show me that there are 200 active people currently playing KOTH matches but if they aren’t filling the right rank hits for me to be matched up with then I will sit there for X period of time until enough high ranking people are rounded up to form a game. That 200 could just as well be the same as having 3 people at that point.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #38

I was thinking about that last night. Friends and I were counting how many people we could see on our friends list, in groups, searching for matches and it didn’t add up. Clearly, if nothing else, we should have been fighting some of these other people who were queueing TDM. But, I think the restrictions have got it locked down so tight that it’s created a limbo.

My two teammates were D5 and they kept blaming it on my being on PC so I fired up the Xbox to prove a point. After 1am we only got 1 match in 2 hours. I think the issue had to do with the D5s more than pc.

TC’s matchmaking adjustments are going to turn this into Gears of Smurfs. I can already see it coming.

(AliceInChainsaw) #39

Yeah and that sucks.

If I really want to play ranked I could easily pop on a smurf and get some games…but part of the enjoyment of playing ranked for me is to move my account, metrics/data/rank, along with my matches.

Without that appeal I am better off just playing social if I feel like playing because I don’t care about a smurf account which means I won’t care about that ranked match much either. (Unless I’m helping a friend who can’t get a game)…

And if that is what it comes to- having to have friends go on a smurf account just to help you rank your main account… well, that is the definition of juice not being worth the squeeze. Especially when you consider TC has made it pretty clear where they stand on the matter via complete radio silence and/or really unacceptable logic of player expectations in their live Q/As.

(S IK O IR G E) #40


Game is dead and boring. Maybe Gears 5 news will change that for a bit.