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Do you consider the game to be "dead" at this point?


(Me0wMix CatFood) #1

Some have been calling it “dead” for a long time but I disagreed as I never had any trouble finding matches… until recently. Really feels like there’s no one on at night and a lot of the diehard Gears heads I play nightly with are moving on. They don’t even want to load up Gears because they are tired of waiting and not finding matches. If we do find matches, it’s the same people over and over and stops as soon as one side gets tired of losing. Both Xbox and pc.

Anyone else finding the same thing or are you still finding matches easily? Even the forums seem to be pretty dead compared to recent times.

(Duffman GB) #2

Exclusive UK koth player (well almost) and generally have no issues finding matched from 17;00-midnight daily. Other times not so good or play on other peoples time zones…not so good!

(The Sloth T34) #3

This game does a poor job at retaining new people due to poor match making. Just a couple of days ago I was in a social match were a diamond rank player was playing against 4 non re ups and it was a lopsided battle .

(Me0wMix CatFood) #4

I just switched back to Xbox to see if it was a PC issue. Couldn’t find a game solo. Couldn’t find a TDM with a 3 stack despite searching for over 20min. :cry:

(eviltedi) #5

The game is dead to me as I gave up on it, the rng loot based system and the duplicates made it not fun for me. I walked away a long time ago. I pop in here to see what’s new on occasion, but that’s it. Hope Gears 5 will be better. I’ll pop on tonight and see how long it takes to get a game, I’ll post the info here.

(SchizoPsycho74) #6


(eviltedi) #7

Hi, just tried to find games in competitive escalation and exocution, waited over two minutes before backing out without a game, then I tried core tdm, again over two minutes but nothing, I then tried social, got a jip tdm in a minute, played to finish, backed out tried social again for over two minutes and nothing, two minutes is about my wait limit. It’s 11.05 am here on the west coast of Scotland. That’s a dead game from my point of view as I’m not getting matched in a reasonable time imo.

(Duffman GB) #8

2 minutes! Fair play. I waited for over 25 mins to find an Escalation match the other day. I was eating some food hence actually waiting. I didnt find a match :frowning:


Maybe not to people still playing the game but it has been dead to me for months

(Noble Guardian) #10

Yes. I’m finally retired until 5 arrives.

As for my own experience, in this particular season, I’ve went through the following:

  • At the beginning of the season, there were many cheaters who ruined my experience.
  • Matchmaking latest updates.The new system for the higher tiers, made it impossible to play solo, and difficult to stack.
  • No adequate incentive to keep going; repetitive rewards.
  • Newly introduced glitches.
  • Long queuing. As a PC player, sometimes I search for KOTH for over one hour long until I switch modes.


(OneButtNugget) #11

Personally, i quit due to the issues i had with the players, connection, and how everybody is a ‘tryhard’

(eviltedi) #12

It may seem short, but if I can’t get a game in a couple of minutes I’m out. That’s not just Gears though. Same applies to any multiplayer game. I actually just played the first Titanfall, got a game of attrition in 20 seconds with 122 players world wide, go figure :open_mouth:


I still honestly enjoy it. Granted, I haven’t played since Sunday, but I was able to get games fairly quickly. But that could just be me being on the East Coast server.

(xValtiel) #14

I play it waaaaaay less than I have been recently. I’ll boot it up, risk a ranked match or two, play maybe half a match of social then turn it off to play another game. A lot of my Gears friends are doing the same. I’ll most likely go for RAAM if it’s a reasonable challenge but honestly I’m just gonna wait for more Gears 5 news at this point.

(Duffman GB) #15

Great choice of game. If I could only ever play one mp game other than Gears. TF1 would be it. Brilliant game.
… Gears of Titanfall anyone? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(imperitidocendi) #16

Game’s been killed by poor connection quality, sponging, artificial lag and terrible, terrible team balancing which is punitive to good solo players.

It’s not like people didn’t point out the flaws of the game and that the flaws are unreparable. TC just refuses to do anything against the flaws. There comes a point where people just give up on a game even if they like the core gameplay.

(MLG Stories) #17

I’ve had a few issues myself lately…

Edit: It takes me on average 10 min or so to find a game in competitive, sometimes more… Core is no better.

(III EnVii III) #18

Game is dead for me at least, simply because I can’t find ranked games anymore due to the Strict MM and my perceived high skill rating / rank which means I can no longer mix with the general population.

I’m so glad Halo MCC is coming to PC because that will easily bridge the game up until Gears 5 is out.


Seems like a lot of people are done with this game. My friend/your enemy😂 @mendigo2005 said recently that he too is done with 4.

I have always joked that TC likes to shoot itself in the foot, I do fear that they have sent several silver bullets straight through their heart.

RIP Gears of War 4/
Oh how we loved thee/
But now we can’t take any more/
A crappy poem by me/

(Omen LP) #20

In NA we have no problem finding games in the evening into early night, EST. We play tdm, dodgeball, and koth, with a mix of ranks onyx3 down (no diamonds), in small groups or full stacks (rarely solo).

Most of the time we end up on the south most US server, against latin players, despite being north of the border… So i would guess that Mexican players are keeping the game going around here…