Do You Agree With These Updates-Changes? Making Gears Great Again!

Perfect your analysis, I think all GEARS veterans have the same thought.
I would also like the quick matches in the standard of GEARS OF WAR 3 , Vote and game mode ■■■■■■ as quick matchs

  1. Aim Assist is not that big of an issue mind you i play on PC but on console i have tried and its Ebola this needs adjusting .
  2. Flash bang Pick up - I agree with this the only grenade you should have is smoke.

3,Omen - Could do with slight adjustment i dont mind it so much

4.Weapon Damage - Deffo needs looking into the lancer is way way to strong it should not be firing .50cal shots maybe tone damage down by like 3% and take stopping power off all weapons

5.Better maps - They all pretty much suck so i agree

  1. Gnahser- Deffo seems off people say hit all your pellets i have multiple clips of this being tested and zoomed in does not make a difference still inconsistent

I have also been playing since Gears came out this game from a technical standpoint is amazing and the campaign is very good but everything else is bland.

Give us Horde Bounty’s back and Wave 25 Horde like Gears 4 had playlist like juvie madness etc.

I think they should let the game go for another week or two, then make the balance changes. I believe the lancer should be tuned down, flashes could use a slight nerf since no one uses smokes(but plz keep them as a starting item, if done right they could be great) , hit detection needs work, and the omen could be the same but definitely less blinding(or less intense?). Also, more ranked clarity on the progression would be great because a lot of people feel it’s pointless to play currently.

Just my opinions of course, but Gears 5 needs to be different from its predecessors so every title doesn’t feel too “samey”. Change is something we all got to deal with in our own way, and we don’t always want to welcome it, but it’s nessesary if we want the franchise to grow and the game to stay relevant and be played by more than just us old school die hard fans.

No need to change omen just reduce the red that comes in from the sides cause it’s very hard to try to pull off a kill when u can’t see somebody to the left or right. And yes they could add more umph when a body explodes from Gnasher. In gears 4 u can gib someone and the sounds and blood splatter everywhere was awesome but now the sound is weak and I can’t even tell they explode at all. Just minor fixes

  1. Agree. Aim assist should not even be a thing in this type of game…
  2. Agree. They are just too overpowered considering 5 people can have them from spawn.
  3. Agree. Pretty useless feature, should be an option to turn it on or off.
  4. Agree. Weapon damage has literally fluctuated all over the place.
  5. Agree. Already tired of these 7 maps, mainly cause of how it’s built for camping with lancers. Very boring.
  6. Agree. Gnasher is completely altered to aid new players I can tell. They turn around and completely miss and still you would get 1 shot. Also the 96-99% damage in 1 hit really tops the cake. At least in GOW4, you would get 87, 94% in 1 hit which makes more sense.
  7. Great thread. ALL of these should be taken into consideration if they want the game to be slightly appealing. Agree

i agree we all need to embrace change but not to a point that a current game is worse than its predesseor i mean how did we get to a point that lancer and gnasher would be the only starting weapons ever since gears 3 and i remember the argument about the hammaburst " ohh i cant get close enougth with my gnasher because the hammerbuirst puts me down before i get close " blah blah blah
so what do the coalition do … make it a power weapon and now they do it with the enforcer now a power weapon
so now we have a new argument about the lancer being too op they might just make that a power weapon too
before long we will have a gears game where everyone starts with a snub and everything else is a power weapon.
come on everyone no one can have there cake and eat it if this madness carries on gear 6 is gonna end up being a snub only game
so bring back all the starting weapons have the claw as a choice aswel and let the good times roll remember guys life all about veriety
right iv said all i can say time for the coalition to make it all right again thanks

Ya honestly if you remove aim assist and fix the hit boxes the lancer and gnasher will feel toned down. Excessive nerfing gives you gow4 gnasher which is trash. Either core one shots from 30 ft or competitive where you have to stick the barrel down thier throught. Gow 5 gnasher needs to be tweaked by like 5% just a smidge. Removing aim assist will prob do that.

  1. Yes
  2. Kind of
  3. Yes
  4. No
  5. More maps instead
  6. Sometimes my gnasher kills delayed, so i make the shot, and after 0,5 seconds the body explodes, maybe its just high ping or something. But overall the Gnasher is fine imo, the game has some hitbox, registering issue, with every weapon basically.
  7. I think the game is just fine, but it needs some tweaking, but nothing radical.

I think you should have the metro lancer and the hammer burst for your load out and I think the enforcer and the other load out they should figure out and they should make like gears 4 but no sniper loadout and I think they should fix the aim like gears 4 and the other gears

“We will no longer surrender this franchise, or its fans, to the false song of casualism. The Gnasher is the true foundation for happiness and harmony.”


Is there some kind of major difference between aim assist on console and pc? I play pc/controller (mostly KOTH, escape, and horde), and have not noticed any of the supposedly overbearing aim assist that’s being widely reported.

There are 3 things that are ruining it for me.

  1. Movement feels slower, especially the standard walk. Sliding to cover and exiting from cover, as well as shooting from almost any movement feels incredibly delayed. It will take some time amd maybe a switch back to Gears 4 to put my finger on why it feels so bad here, but thats my initial impression.

  2. The slower movement is made worse by the maps which seem to have cover points spread thin and far apart. There are just so many wide open gaps to get lancered to death while traversing. The fact it takes you so long to get between them and that you can no longer use them to bounce between just hurts.

  3. The introduction of PC crossplay and M/K support linger in the back of my mind all time, especially once I saw what they could do with a boltok, hammy, or sniper in Gears 4. Sure, they almost never bounce but then they dont need to either. I’ll always be against crossplay and luckily, most shooter devs out there are as well. I get TC want to help the playerbase, and I understand why theyre pushing this, but Ill never support it.

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agree with this dudes answer,

100% agree and we need more COG and now Locust Characters for MP.

Drone and Grenadier should have at least been available at launch before the rest arrive.

I would love to have more starting weapons!! They just need to be somewhat balanced, I believe the GoW3 stopping power contributed to the complaints around the hammerburst(also aiming downsights was a little strong because accuracy was way higher) and the retro lancer as well, but the damage wasn’t too insane in terms of difference. An active reloaded assault rifle, regardless of what one was used, was stupid strong when it’d halt people it their tracks. The stopping power in GoW5 is only super strong on the claw from what I’ve seen, and if that was removed from the weapon I could see it working well for a loadout rifle.

It’s too late. I’ve been infected into a casual player now, if a player at all.

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TBH, I’m fine with the game for the most part. It’s the same for everyone. The only thing I would agree with are the flash bangs. They are ridiculous and need to be a pickup. Other than that, whatever.