Do You Agree With These Updates-Changes? Making Gears Great Again!

  1. Aim Assist ruined the need to work on your skills in the process of becoming a better player. We don’t need aggressive aim assist in a competitive shooter where skills matter. Trying to cater to new players and players who don’t practice is not the right way to go about this. It is a competitive genre every man/team for themselves. Assisting in the fight is not a good way to go about this.

  2. Flash Bang Grenades should be made a pickup weapon. It should be a pickup weapon like the shock grenades or ink grenades. It shouldn’t be a default load out weapon.

  3. Red Omen covering screen is blinding. It serves no purpose other than to aid the offensive player in finishing you off. Revert to the omen being on the lower right of the screen. We don’t need to be blinded when we are severely damage. In previous installment being severely damage doesn’t mean you can’t win the fight, in this iteration once you are severely damage and that big red omen covers your screen it is over. You can’t see which cripples you. It is super annoying this new addition is a unnecessary one.

  4. Reduce weapon damage to GOW4 standards. Currently all the weapons are OP the lancer and gnasher is mind blowing OP, I don’t know who thought it was a great idea to make the weapons stronger than what is currently in GOW4. As if a active lancer in GOW4 wasn’t OP enough let’s buff it some more. It is impossible to escape a lancer in this current game. Let’s make gears into Fortnite and COD have a 2hr lancer standoff until the game is stalemated or have a team camp a area with god like lancers and cross you to death. The gnasher is ridiculously strong 1 shot blows you out your shoes, I thought core gnasher on GOW4 was strong this new version takes the cake. Nerf the weapons to GOW4 standards please!

  5. Better Maps - All other iteration had solid default maps this one has the worse maps ever. You can’t do anything without being lancer cross from north south east west. All in all the current maps aren’t executed well. This is the 1st time I have played Gears and I dislike almost all the default maps, that is a rare thing. GOW1 to 4 had pretty solid default maps I don’t know where TC went wrong on this 5th installment but the current maps just ain’t cutting it. I can see if the maps were pretty solid but we have some of the worse maps and we only have about 6 to 7 to choose from holy god.

  6. Gnashering (impact) your opponent doesn’t feel right in Gears5. Play GOW4 a few matches and body someone with your gnasher and you will know exactly what I am talking about. The gnasher kills is missing that ummph that crunch is missing. The way the bullet connects with the body and it explodes in Gears5 just doesn’t feel right. In all other iteration the gnasher kills felt right, I don’t know what they did in Gears5 but a gnasher kill feels empty it is bland I get no joy from getting a gnasher kill like previous installment. This needs to be update asap part of the joy is getting a head shot with a gnasher and you get that crunch that impact and the decapitated body stands still for about 1 to 2 seconds and then drops that is Gears. Currently the gnasher kills have 0 impact it’s just going through the motions at the moment. This has to be one of the most important ones for me personally, the way the game feels when you kill someone with your gnasher is very important to myself and others I am sure, I grew accustom to a standard when it comes to a gnasher kill I know exactly how that kill is suppose to feel and in this new gears that feeling is lost. It just doesn’t feel proper. I challenge every to fire up your GOW4 go private and kill a few bots and then go on Gears5 and do the same and you will know exactly what I am getting at.

  7. I pray TC can fix this game because I have been here since GOW1 I have owned every installment I bought the ultimate for GOW4 and all I was given was the ability to play the classic maps offline. I basically got screwed yet I am still here supporting but clearly my support has 0 impact TC will do what it deems fit despite all our cries. GOW4 wasn’t perfect but after years and update it was good, my initial thought was that TC would build on that, add all the new modes and extra stuff but kept the core instead this new gears feels like a complete overhaul of the game once again. To me this new gears feels like GOW mixed with Fortnite mix with COD and some other titles. Feels like they are trying so hard to connect with other fan bases that they have alienated their own. All the hard core gears head who have been here since the 360 days, through the good and bad the ups and downs we are being pushed out for casual fans who will stay for a month or 2 then leave. I will see where this ride takes us but this might be my final gears purchase we will see. I can’t support a game that keep missing it’s target every time.


Hi, with all these changes, it could go back to being the good old dear Gears of War

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I agree these are the main issues that is currently plaguing the game. I hope TC will listen to all the voices of the community and make the necessary changes.

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I believe that the game remains so, to attract as many users as possible, everyone can play, I honestly went back to playing Gears of War 4 with my friends, we finished the campaign and uninstalled the game (Gears 5)


I want to go back to GOW4 but all the friends I play with is obsess over the #5 we all think GOW4 is better but because 5 is the new thing no one want to go backwards. It is not about new or old it is about what is best.

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. No
  4. No
  5. Opinion
  6. No
  7. Ok

Making hair trigger decisions based on the feedback from a vocal minority is bad game development.

They need to let the dust settle and then make changes and adjustments, if needed, based on their own telemetry.


Even if it’s base on the minority these are hardcore players who have been here from day 1 atleast most. We have a pretty good idea what the game should be like after investing in a few installments. The minority is 1000s upon 1000s even if it’s not the masses so it is still a large group.


I don’t really have too much an issue with bang’s, they’re less annoying smokes from my perspective. The stun duration could be reduced a tiny bit.

About the gnasher in gears 4… I don’t really think kills felt quite right in that game either. It’s one of the issues that carried over.

Everything else is pretty bang on for the most part.

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You have summed that up pretty well my friend. I find no fault with your opinions. Fact is they are attempting to bring in players from other games like Fortnite and COD but it won’t work. Those players follow trends and fads most gearheads go against the grain and that’s why we love our 3rd person cover based shooter with lots of gore and a skull crunch or two.


I cant stand the new omen. Plus I dont like how the gnasher only has 4 shots if you dont hit the active reload

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I agree 100% bro!!!

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let it go i play G4 for now…

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Lancer needs improved for rabked and classic

Also if you cant handle a flashbang you’re bad ypu can still roll and cover whiled flashed

Sure, but sounds like a low key way of telling people to be quiet. This is a forum.

To TC, their own data is important, their bottom line is important; but I believe also feedback on these forums carries some weight especially if it coincides with their “data”.

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im likeing the arcade deathmatch at the mo and teamdeathmatch in general however what im not liking is the fact that i have only the lancer and gnasher starting weapons and the enforcer and hammerburst are power weapons now ???
i love the hammerbuirst as starting weapon please bring this back wouldnt hurt to have the claw gun as a starting weapon too !
veriaty is what im talking about here guys
and dont get me started on gears 5 horde that is at the moment garbage

i also want to add that the lancer needs a bigger clip size

You do know aim asst for vs in only in quickplays right?