Do Xbox series X players have the advantage in versus?

I was wondering since the game runs better on the series X would players on older consoles be at a disadvantage?

Im still on one S trying to find an excuse for playing like trash lol.


The advantage they have is that their game runs at 120 fps. Yours in comparison runs at 60 fps.

Also I believe they have less input delay so the reaction of their input is faster compared to yours.

So yeah, if you were trash before then now you are garbage. jk lol


Lmaoo I was wondering, ever since op 7 dropped ive been getting obliterated.

Not saying its cus of series X players, but I use to get at least top 2 every match.

Now im just getting ■■■■■■■ on :joy: can’t even get mad anymore.

I play on a One X, and good way to compensate your low frames is turning your display to DVI and turning gore off. You get more consistent frames and you will notice a significant difference. However, the game looks like crap.
Its what I’m doing until I can get a series x

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Nah, I was garbage on the OneX and still am with the SeX.


Only if you have a monitor/TV that is 120htz or higher, otherwise the game stays at 60FPS


About to add this :+1:

Series X players are at an disadvantage because they paid more for a expensive console and so really, the One / S / X players ultimately have the unfair advantage.


I regularly get my ■■■ handed to me and I’m on a series x and a tv that runs at 120fps. It’s an advantage until you play someone that’s better than you. I tell myself since I’m in my 40’s most players are half my age with better reactions!:joy:




Nothing that would make the player miraculously better at the game, no. Better FPS and slightly less input delays but, while briefly advantageous, this alone won’t make a bad player much better.

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Bruh why didnt you just say “Yes” lmao

You’ll get a latency advantage and smoother visuals which also helps a bit with tracking. Unless you’re willing to shell out considerably more for a top of the line gaming rig, it’s going to be the most significant performance upgrade in a muti-generational game you’re likely to see.

With all that being said, it’s not going to turn a mediocre player into an esports pro.

Because it’s not a complete “yes”.

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Nah, you can’t be bad, unless you’re on the PC.

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@SnubbbS is living proof of this

Don’t tag me in shinboi posts.

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You will regret telling me that


My lancer at 220 FPS < 60 fps I had on my Xbox.