Do we each need to buy it?same system

I share my xbox with a family member,we both want are own gears 5 game saves,so do both of us need to buy gears 5 sepratly to get bonus content?I know for gears of war 4 one copy of game could be used by different accouts but you had to buy extra stuff for each accout to have and use it.but if after i buy and download the game what happens if the family member buy it to will the game be downloaded twice?

No, you don’t need to buy it twice on same console.

If that’s not clear for you, then just wait and see. Buy it once and check if other account has access.

But will both accouts get bonus content like extras skin and boost?

When I had Gears 3 and installed bonus content, other accounts had access to them as well.

But things like Boost and other stuff in Gears 5, I can’t confirm it. That’s why I say it’s better to buy it once, and check if other account has it.

But don’t you need to pre order to get the extra skins and boost?

Pre-order or playing in 1st week gives Terminator Dark Fate DLC.

Game Pass Ultimate gives Halo Reach DLC. Not sure about Standard Game Pass.

Only Ultimate Edition gives 30 days + 7 days of Boost. Standard won’t, I’ve no idea if it has to be pre-order Ultimate Edition or not.

I would pre-order on Game Pass Ultimate to get everything, all above.

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