Do u think op8 will bring the goods?

Since it’s the last operation, are expecting to have multiple maps some new and some remakes or are you expected 1 new and 1 gears 4 port? Also are you expecting anything good for characters and pve?

Like a fix for Ghostmelee? No.


Not with a bang, but a whimper.


I don’t expect anything and somehow I’m still let down

Hoping they make a package deal for BS characters or make all the ones from Gears 4 available for purchase


Would be funny if Oscar and Bernie would be BS-exclusive like the SKantus.


I expect more bugs.


After losing half of my money on $GME and $AMC, I can bet the rest of my money that TC will send us to the moon on OP8.

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Hey maybe we can get those two horde maps back in the game.
I really want them to just front load the entire operation rather than splitting it unnecessarily into two parts. Who actually likes them doing this?

Final op needs to be bigger than the past few, I’d get rid of the mid drop crap and just chuck us a lot of content straight away like they did with operation 5.


Hi, how strange (to me at least) that you hope having to spend more money on content would be “op8 bringing the goods” fair play though, hopefully you get your wish.

As for me, absolutely expecting about the same level of content as op7. I will be amazed if we get “spoilt”
One thing I think TC should absolutely do is release all Gears 4 maps into 5 .

I do not want Harbor Haze or Forge Blitz :nauseated_face:

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:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I do not mind either of those, no love at all for reclaimed storm map, forgot its name!

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Reclaimed Windflare? Disgusting :face_vomiting:


… but current Forge is Forge Blitz.


though Forge Blitz was more “closed off” in away. At least from what I remember.

Either way I try to avoid it

It could be they changed one or two things but the visual appearance definitely is the same and it’s not the original Forge which had two sets of stairs leading out of the spawn and two openings on both the right and left of the control room rather than just one.


I expect them to go out with a bang.

I sure hope it does. The way tc has been acting lately, they could use some positive PR

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I call it now:

Raven Down and Capture the Flag in competitive.