Do u pick favorites in Horde?

So I’m an amazing Jack robot teammate. :joy:
I always help Kait, JD, & Del for some reason?
Marcus ppl run across map & I have to go help them, but my heart’s not in it. Is it just me?

Youre claiming youre an “amazing jack” who’s sole purpose in life is basically a revive slave and yet you dont revive Marcus just because it’s Marcus? Have serious doubts to your claims especially when on harder difficulties Marcus is one of the stronger characters available since he gets some better than nothing perks for the trishot spam that is optimal right now for completing waves not only quickly but effectively. You also left out Fahz, Kat, Emile, and Sarah as if they dont exist which Sarah has increased capacity for Trishot spam.


Wait, are you asking if I pick favourites as to who to REVIVE in Horde? Why would I sabotage my own Horde playthrough like that?

If I’m playing Jack, I do whatever I need to do, to keep everyone alive. On one run, that meant hiding in a corner repeatedly reviving the terrible people on my team who kept getting downed (I had TWELVE revives on a single wave).

Other times, if I see someone leave our fortified area to go freelancing, I might follow behind with a heal to make sure they don’t get downed in a bad spot.

If I saw a player basically choosing not to revive me for no reason beyond “favourites”, I’d probably immediately quit that game.


So does that mean I shouldn’t revive kait, kat, Sarah and any other female character seeing as I’m happily married.
But saying that. My had a bloke on her list who always used to revive her and one one particular match on gow 4 on dry Dock. She was watching him revive my wife and after a few she started hitting him and chasing him having a fit at him. I had a video and wish I still had it because it was hilarious.

My thoughts are we’re playing as a team so I get everyone up. Unless someone doesn’t get me up intensionaly. I won’t get them up for 2 or 3 times then start again.

Only if she gets jealous of video game characters which would be weird, but I won’t judge stranger things have happened and at least on guy did marry a video game character so maybe she has justifiable reason to keep an eye on you with female characters. Do you have a history of trying to date female video game characters?

The only thing I can somewhat understand is prioritizing friends or such maybe prioritizing reviving Jack since he has an easier time as a whole when it comes to reviving.

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I always try to help my entire team but I definitely do pick favourites. If I’m playing as Jack and there’s a Kait or Del in the game I’ll generally stick to them more than I would a Marcus or Fahz.

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