Do tour of duty objectives count in a custom match?

Sorry man but are you trolling or are you serious?

You do know what PVE or PVP stands for?

PvE = Players against Enemies. So Horde, Escape and Versus A.I.
PvP = Players against Players. So Versus (except Versus A.I.)
PvPvE = Players against Players against Enemies. Ex: The Dark Zones in the Division games.

We seriously need a PvPvE in Gears! Maybe a Versus in a Popper-filled field or Versus with bosses added!? :sweat_smile:

Ohhhahh :astonished: you the man for explaining that ■■■■ bro Real ■■■■​:muscle:t4:Lol Now I get it, It All Makes sense lol but PvPvE What the heck is that Lmao

And I just did Co-op Vs AI and it didn’t count towards My Tour objectives mane Smfh… But I think it’s cause the Objective is”Win 3 Versus Arcade Matches” smh so since I wasn’t in Arcade I’m guessing that’s why it didn’t work, Which Sucks & got Tight Rite Now​:rage::triumph:But these guys made it seem like if I play Co-Op Vs AI it wood help count towards any Versus Objectives smh :man_facepalming:t4:

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You can team up with other players. But you can be against other players. Oh… and don’t forget about the enemies, too. They are also there against you and maybe against each others, too. :sunglasses:

But there is no PvPvE in Gears. Or I don’t know about it!

Oh by the way, about PvP and PvE. What we call a bot filled PvP!? :thinking:

CPvP= computer player vs player Lol idk but I was asking how to make Co-Op Vs AI count for my Tour Objectives bro, I don’t Care bout that other ■■■■​:bangbang: Good Looks tho :ok_hand:t4: