Do tour of duty objectives count in a custom match?


Was just wondering if TOD objectives count in a custom online match? I have the “Win a versus match on District” objective and went to custom / online to find a match on that map. I played and won the match (even got mvp) but the objective did not complete. Anyone know if you can’t be in a custom match for these? Any help would be appreciated.

Don’t think so, but they do have co-op v.s an in versus that I believe they count in.

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Co-op vs ai counts for challenges. I do those for vs since normal vs is flash spam heaven.


Thanks Crator and OnyxCrimsonBlur for the quick responses. I’ll give co-op vs ai a shot.


Custom VS does not work.

Custom horde does work.
Custom escape does work.


Co-op versus Ai definitely works for those :slight_smile:


“Win a versus match on ______” is the easiest 3 stars you’ll ever get; the Holy Grail of ToD objectives. Just quit/reload coop vs. AI until you get the map you need.

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I tried doin co-op vs ai for capture ring challenges and Im not gettin squat for any captures. Anyone else having this issue or am i just special.

For some reason ring captures don’t count in co op vs ai. You got to do it against real people in ranked or quickplay.

ring caps on VS A.I. do work. did that yesterday

That’s weird cause it never works for me. Maybe they fixed it.

Yes, but I think that’s a bad design.

So to get “win 3 Arcade versus matches” I can play private arcade but is to be with a teammate correct ? That’s what y’all saying? Cause I just played it by myself and it didn’t work. But if I get one of my friends to join it’s gone work ??

No. It has to be public quickplay.

Waittt ?? So I can’t play do custom online, Host a Public Match and get the Tour objectives like that ?!

Only for PvE-objectives. Just play Coop vs Ai and re-reroll Arcade if you hate it that much.

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Oh Ard Thanks Bro :pray:t4: Like Really good lookin bro. And I see it now, it’s Co-Op Vs. AI !! And 1 More question? What the Heck is Pve objectives??:interrobang:

Are you being sarcastic?

Horde and Escape.

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Nah bro. How Tf an I being sarcastic??:man_shrugging:t4:I still don’t see how Pve stands for Horde & Escape Bro… Like I Really don’t & didn’t know. That’s y I asked yo ■■■. Good Lookin tho :ok_hand:t4:

And that still don’t make no sense Pve = horde & escape Lol Like whattt ?? How Sway​:ok_man:t4::man_shrugging:t4: