Do they ever plan on fixing mortar strike?


There are better epic cards to develop for heavy.

Just curious, but do you have proof of this? I’m not being sarcastic, I’m serious. There are a few glitches with the Horde cards and I’d like to know exactly what’s wrong with the Level 6 Mortar skill.

I’m asking about the Level 6 Mortar specifically, because we noticed at the launch of the game how underpowered the Mortar was. Often when we used it, the targets would be able to move away before the Mortars fell (sometimes just by moving laterally, not be being fast enough to outrun it). This included the bosses. So this particular problem has been there since the very beginning. But if there’s another actual glitch with the Level 6 Mortar and you have proof of that (like what % difference, etc), then I’d like to see it. Thanks.

Mortar does come in handy and is fun when you play on somethin like Juvy jingles or Year of the Dog horde, but other than that, it doesn’t really do much. Mine is a level 5 and I never bothered to upgrade it to 6 because I’ve heard so much about it being nerfed even more at level 6.

Due to the nature of the mortar strike providing “proof” can be a problem. If the map has a ceiling then it’s going to be less effective, sometimes it lands in the middle and sometimes farther away but seldom close to base, the % damage bonus it has plus the difficulty and wave bonuses for the enemies.

You can argue pretty much the same for the sniper strike and hammer of dawn, so where is the difference? simply put: the kill feed, sniper and hammer always get kills yet I’ve seen lv 6 mortars kill 2 juvies on wave 30 inconceivable on an open map (mid wave, enemies everywhere).

You can only verify by yourself or play with people who’s willing to go through that (spoiler alert: massive waste of scrap). If you play horde on a regular basis, ever wonder why you see so few mortar strikes on insane and below and almost none on inconceivable?

Probs with that I play Public so comms wrt individual set-ups are normally (always) not an option.

Then you have the std ‘greedy’ players. If I see grenades planted I’ll let them do their job then open fire myself. I’ve seen way too many times people open fire, kill the enemy, then the grenade explodes, even when the grenade was clearly visible to the player.

I know, but the Mortar has been that way since the game launched. I tried it out at the beginning, hoping it would be like the Mortar Command Center option in Gears 3 Horde and was sadly disappointed.

But the OP was making a specific statement about Level 6 Mortar so I was asking if he had proof. I understand it’s hard, but that’s why I’m asking. Can he describe the setup? Enemies in cover or running away? I’ve already said it’s hard for the Mortar to hit anything because it’s so slow and enemies can run away from it while it’s harder to run away from a HOD and impossible to run away from a Sniper Strike.

I’m not being sarcastic, I’d really like to know if there is a problem with the Level 6 Mortar, but I just want proof (and so would TC), not just that people think there’s a problem. See what I mean?

I just entered a Private match yesterday on Dam as Sniper with Called Shot + Radar Ping and another player comparing Level 5 to 6 Mortar Strike.
Apparently, Level 5 killed more than Level 6, dunno why it’s still not been fixed after seeing it myself.

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For many months I played with a friend that played as heavy most of the time. Whenever there was spare power on the fabricator he would use the mortar. I cannot say that I recorded the progress since I never upgraded my mortar but he did say he was disappointed when he upgraded the mortar from lv4 to lv5.

It took him about 2 months to gather the scrap to level up the mortar to lv6 and when he finally did he cursed TC, the game and I never saw him playing Gears again.

Do I have proof? nope, not a thing but played enough with a heavy committed to make the best use out of mortars and it didn’t work at all.

Maybe you will find what you’re looking for or maybe you won’t, but one thing is for certain: no matter how you look at it, lv6 mortar strike is a complete waste of power on insane and above.

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Oh, I never doubted that the Mortar was useless. After using even a Level 2 Mortar during the first month of the game we’d all determined that the Mortar was a useless skill. But thanks to both you and Ektope for providing some details. I never use the Mortar the few times I play as a Heavy. Even though TC nerfed the Salvo, the Heavy’s combo cards using it still shred almost anything.