Do they ever plan on fixing mortar strike?

The mortar strike, when upgraded to max level six, is glitched. This is a fact, not a opinion. Ive been waiting for months now for a patch up. I’ve compared different class skill levels with different gamers. Currently, my friends level three mortar strike is more effective than my level six. I regret ever upgrading mine; I should have left it at level five…

What’s the actual problem with it? Also we dont know whether TC will do any more patches for Horde, you just only have to wait and see really.

Not a big fan of the strike but when I use a level 5 mortor strike I would get at least 5 to 6 kills depending. I have seen players use a level 6 at a regular swarm wave and only kill a single juvie or tracker. Ever since the level 6 strike cards came out the mortor strike seems to cause less damage at level 6 than it does at level 5. Rarely ever use but it is the only strike I keep at level 5. It appears to be a card that causes less damage the higher it goes. Of course I am only speaking from my experiences with it and from what I have seen so other players may have faired well with a level 6 card.

The problem is the damage % assigned to mortar lv6, instead of being more powerful than a lv5 it is actually weaker, more like a lv3.5.

Another bugged skill is Siphon, at lv2 is gives an 80% bonus instead of 8% (and lv6 in nowhere near that). Octus was actually surprised when someone mentioned it last thursday and this has been present more than a year ago.

Actually never even noticed that about that the siphon card. It always seemed like there was something off about it. Ill take a closer look next time I or someone else is playing soldier with it.

Find someone with a lv2 siphon and test it in private, it’s so funny a lv2 card beats the crap out of a lv6.

You could always do what I did, and bump a post about it every day for two months until they fix the bug.

Damn, but isnt mortar generally a useless strike though?

Did that tactic ever worked? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well they fixed it after two months, so I guess.

They fixed the mortar strike or the siphon? not sure what you mean since I haven’t touched those skills for a while.

It is useless, my point is that a lv6 mortar is just pathetic, maybe it was intentional? who knows :wink:

Steady Hand didn’t reduce damage at level 6. They eventually fixed it about a year ago.



Well, I use none of this cards.

The heavy one was doomed for me even before lv. 6.

Well if it is bugged we will be waiting a year for it to be fixed, seen as the developers of the game don’t even know a bug in the skill cards for Siphon, yet many Horde players have known this glitch for well over a year.

So I expect the glitch to be fixed after Gears 5. It will take until Gears 5 to notice anything is wrong.

The Mortar strike is nearly useless anyway. With Radar Ping and Called Shot for the Sniper, the strike becomes usable, but not brilliant. Nowhere near as good as Sniper Strike in reliability and cost effectiveness and the Hammer for pure DPS.

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Mortar is trash anyway…sniper strike is better

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Damn. I put a shed load of Credits into Siphon to get ‘Classy’ Soldier.

I can confirm this, I even tried it in Private Horde on Wave 41 or 49 for Inconceivable.
It kills like 4 to 5 or 6 enemies but it’s still not that worth it.
Unless a Sniper used Radar Ping + Called Shot every Wave and nobody else was using the spare Power and there were loads.
Then that’s the only situation I can see it being okay to use Mortar Strikes, just to burn the Power amount for something.

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I still may find Siphon useful on Public Horde.
Some Maps like Mercy or Foundation, someone else may want to go Soldier with Hammer.
So I could use Siphon Build instead.

They should have made the mortar as an actual weapon, that way it would have been much more effective than it is now.

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Just used level 5 mortor strike on Incon and it was the most useless thing I could do. I could have killed more enemies with a snub than a mortor strike. I usually play team revive but the soldier had that in play so I opted for mortor strike just to see and I regreted choosing it after the first use. Totally useless even with radar ping. It hoesntly seems to be a card that does less damage the higher the level unless I am just playing it wrong but I got F all kills in any boss wave or even when I was asked to because power was just sitting there.