Do the locusts return in gears 5 or 6?

really hoping the OG locusts come back from hiding …kill off the swarm and retake over SERA

The Locust aren’t hiding. The Swarm are the Locust.

nah man…where are the locusts though ? the originals

Evolved into Swarm.

Again the Locust ARE the Swarm. The Scions are the Locust

thats great and all… but the swarm do not look as good as the locusts from the first 3 gears…the storyline needs to change so the locusts can return

They’ve changed, they can’t just change back :sweat_smile:


New swarm are taking shape and looking distinctive and a lot better in 5.

We’ve only seen like 5 of them.

Full game will have full variety.

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i seen the characters from the game in ESCAPE …it cant be that shocking

Stories need to evolve not go backwards

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TC has read your deep and well analysed responses. They’re already considering how, based on your feedback, they’ll adjust the game just for you.

I wish I could make multiple posts solutions.

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