Do the game funnier than your business mind please!

Put in Horde/Escape mode characters like Kantus, Jermad and Raam!!!

TC team can programer one enemy boss Raam with the ability to do flocks to destroy fortifications in horde mode… or he can work like a boss in Escape to fight to go to the exit!!!

Put Kantus with te ability to throw fire bombs and summons juvies to fight in Horde/Escape mode!!!

Escape could have gears corpsers to identificate the weapons on the field’s floor.

I saw the Matriarch in one level of Escape, it was awesome!!! but, I didn’t see her in the map editor, what happened???

Put the Jermad with his markza and that he can throw flash bombs or fragment granades…

TC have a lot of enemys to do the game awesome!!! why don’t make that???


I think most fans would like to see a larger variety of enemies. However, considering the technical issues this game currently has, it would be a low priority.

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Are you suggesting something similar to beast mode?

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Well, is that true, but, we are public too, I play the game too like the people of the competitive section… Gear is more than the competitive mode… I think :confused: … right?

Totally. I just think functionality is priority to the game in general.

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