Do TC ever bother to answer posts?

It is now over 2 months since PVP became pretty much unplayabe for me.
I already posted about my useless weapons, going down or dying from single shots and losing pretty much every chainsaw duel even against bots but now the sync is so bad that I am stuck on “waiting for players…” or the character selection screen for 10, 15, 20 seconds after matches start.
The background picture for the map loading is always screwed up and constantly jams, then if the round actually starts I either stick to the nearest wall trying to sprint or go down from the first round that hits.
Players disappear or appear constantly right in front of me and half the time the kill cam replay is either missing my character or wrong.
The servers lose connection or stop responding or cant get the results in a bunch of matches or my character list is almost empty.
Every other game I have works fine and I have a good setup for gaming.
Seeing other players post about the same problems as well with no reply from TC just shows how they could not care less.
They already have our money.


If you bother to ask nicely. :slightly_smiling_face:


PvP gets hate every other day on this forums, TC aren’t going to bother responding to the same ole thing all the time.


I made a post yesterday and @TC_MichaelAOS responded within minutes.

No posts on pvp. You send ticket. TC … maybe respond when Gears 6 come outs


You have to curse a lot or be “mean” to get a response on here, then they will respond and close your thread.

Edit, the response is that you broke community standards.


Cross platform and cross continent matchmaking makes ranked unplayable. Its been that way since gears 3.

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Thank you! I’m sick of these stupid as forums!

@TC_Clown Delete this crap. ;{