Do something about horde mode... I beg of you!

As the title says; I’ve been trying to play horde mode to get some of the omen skins, and I cannot finish a single match. I have tried at least 8-10 matches, and at the start of EVERY ONE, someone uses grenades, or the Boomshot to kill themselves right when we load in. I just had a match an hour or so ago, and I could not help move the fabricator as every time I tried helping move it an ■■■-hat would step in front of me and make me drop it. A weird mechanic I must say; allowing someone to stand in front of you and make you drop the fabricator? I’m not the most active horde player but every time I try and come back to play it I get put in the WORST possible lobbies… It’s really, REALLY, ruining my horde experience… Please put something in horde mode to where, whenever someone kills themselves right when the game starts (within 15-30 seconds), have a prompt on-screen for other players to vote to kick them or something along those lines to penalize them for being ■■■■■■■ ruining other’s experiences. I’m sorry for ranting, but I just can’t be bothered playing multiplayer mode to earn XP. The game has been out for far too long allowing people to master their craft, and not enough time for me to get back into the game. Don’t get me wrong the multiplayer is fun it’s just that I’m not as good as the players the matchmaking system puts me up against’. Example: I’m ranked silver in Dodge-ball, and when I queue for a match, I get put against Onyx’ and Diamond players. I’m getting off-topic. Anyway, please do something about the issue I’ve described above. It would make for a fun, satisfying experience. Thank you for reading this!

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People killing themselves at the start of the match is a normal thing, its so the scout gets the bonus 60% power. as far as people blocking you from helping carry the fabricator; welcome to the internet, people will be un-nessisarily annoying or just be plain jerks.

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Use LFG so that you can;
-Find a group that will stay.
-Learn the things you’re currently unaware of.

OOH, that makes sense :smile:. I was wondering why people kept doing it. I thought it was to troll as when other’s saw them doing it, they left the game as well (I assume they thought the same as me), and yeah, the trolls are pretty bad on this game, along with the people in 2v2’s that teabag after the most minor kills thinking they’re Jesus himself. Anything else I should know about? For horde mode of course.

Also your going up against those players in multiplayer because the pool of players is dwindling

Just keep off insane and you’ll eventually finish a full run, even one or two guys short.

Suicide at beginning, before fabricator is deployed, will only help…

If there is a scout nearby!

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