Do some cards stack together in horde?

Ok… I know this might be bit weird.

Some of them might sound stupid to. If so, I get what I deserve for being an idiot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. This only works in a group (thats if it does lol).

Like for example:

° Overclocked locker (mechanic) + global overclock (robotic expert) would that give you total of 82% on the weapons locker?

° Overload (mechanic) + global sentry upgrade (robotic expert) would that give you more than 75% (assuming if you upgrade the perks to) damage on sentrys?

° Quick ice cannon (pilot) + flash freeze (gunner). When the gunner jumps in the silverback. So that being said, would that give you total of 250% freezing speed?

° Inspired (demolition) with at least two veterans in the class. I know that you must be within 10 meters distance in order to get damage resistance (which is kind of stupid lol). But still, would that give you 64% damage resistance, right?

° Scorcher mastery (brawler) + silverback scorcher (pilot) if brawler jumps in the silverback. I don’t know the total output damage lol because I haven’t maxed out both of the cards. But whatever it is would it still stack?

° If two resupply healing module cards are activated at the same time within in the same radius for tactician. Would that give you total of 126% damage resistance?

There might be more :joy:. I’ll leave it to that.

None of them might work, so please do correct if I’m wrong lol.

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They briefly commented on that when classes were decoupled, never in detail though.

Same cards won’t stack. TC used Global Overclock as an example. Let’s say there’s 2 Bairds with GO equipped, 1 at LV6, the other 4. LV6 is applied while the other is ignored.

Which cards stack and don’t stack is up in the air unless someone went through the effort of testing it.

But Silverback is considered AI by the game so no bonuses are applied ( not even Lizzies dmg perk) except Lizzies cards.

Ahhh that sucks glad I was so wrong, at least I didn’t blame alcohol this time.

Well, some cards used to stack - even without the specified class present. So

or Uncle Clay would provide full invicibility back then. Uncle Clay is 100% patched, even though TC massively struggled with getting the solution out and afaik the card description to this day during card drops is still just " - ".

Inspired with full team around you might still give invincibility. Not exactly useful though.

Funny you say that since Carriers or any other grab would still squeeze you just fine.

If you buy a perk while you are in the Silverback, the Silverback will get the benefit of whatever level perk you bought until the Silverback expires/dies


That’s such a tiny window though given that the button for deploying the SB/ultimate ability is the same as the one to bring up the perk menu. Unless it’s possible to re-map the buttons completely, the only time you can do this is if you extend the SB through the end of wave intermission and into the next one.

It is interesting that it works. If you are running Pilot+Tactician to make the SB last a long time, you can take advantage of it.

On default, the button to bring up perks is Y and exiting SB is X so in that case, it doesn’t get in the way.


My Friend and I tested Mechanic and Robotics Expert a while back (i think OP5) and The Cards do stack if you do it right. If the Mechanic buys and upgrades the Lockers or Sentrys while a Robotics Expert is in the Game with Global Overclock/Sentry the lockers will be even faster and the Sentrys will have 125% more Damage.(Mechanics Overload, Mechanics Fort-Damage-perk and Robotics Global Sentry)

Last time that i checked this did infact work (for the 2 Tacticians) because i guess TC couldn’t find a Solution to nerf it when it applies to self and allies and there’s more then one Tactician.


I wonder if it still works. I’ll probably test this is out one day.

Besides the known Gunner invulnerability glitch, I’m pretty sure any other kind of combination of cards will still stack and it was the usual communication of TC that they apparently fixed it for all of them whereas they actually did not.

E.g. a Tactician sitting in a Silverback with bleeding Salvos to extend the duration of the Silverback should still work.

So anything you can come up with should stack besides that one Gunner example.

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I might be 2 months late into this convo, but Mechanic’s “Shredder Round” card WILL stack amongst other mechanics with (or without) the card on. E.g., in my testing recently, 2 Mechanics with Shredder Rounds will apply both bleeds in any circumstance. I had 30% bleed while my mate had 25% bleed, meaning MY turret & his turret were bleeding at 370 per hit (of the regular 675 dmg for the turret - can confirm any fortification damage increase to the turret will not increase bleed damage).

Interestingly, Mechanics without the Shredder Rounds card on will apply bleed to their turrets too. I haven’t tested it with up to 5 Mechanics yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if all 5 Mechanics with Shredder Rounds will stack.

@SNAKEYWAKEY389 Here’s where I saw it. Seems to be true indeed.

150% bleeding for 5 turrets doesn’t seem too bad I guess. :slight_smile:

So far, all I know is that the shredder rounds works for all mechanic turrets whether that specific mechanic doesn’t have it as long as one mechanic in the lobby has the card on.
Edit: It doesn’t appear to stack sadly.

It does stack, but instead of accumulating the numbers to show what it’ll equal to, it just shows the numbers relative to every Mechanic’s bleed percentage. E.g. (of the screenshot below) if 2 Mechanics had 30% bleed & 1 had 15% bleed, it’ll show two 202 & one 101, rather than showing 505 bleed when added up.

Oh, I never noticed that. That might explain the small difference in the amount of shots it took to kill a Carrier (like 4 shots less and it took around 50ish for the first one)

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