Do social TDM matches count toward TDM challenge (15 TDM matches for the Heartbeat Retro)?

Can anyone confirm or deny (through actually trying it) that social TDM games (whether in Social Quickplay or Co-op vs AI) count toward the challenge? The tracker is on btw. I just want to know if I need to force myself through ranked TDM or if I can just do social.

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My friend hoped into Social before we started playing Ranked and he didn’t play any Ranked before we were together. He unlocked the skin before the rest of us did so I’m pretty sure it can be earned in Social at least.

You can definitely do it via Social play. I played 4 social matches earlier and I got credit for kills and matches completed.

Yes you can play social-play

Thanks guys. I tested it in Co-op vs AI after finally getting people to vote for TDM and it doesn’t count. But yeah, it does in Social I guess. Just waiting for people to vote for it there now.

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I was wondering this too when I couldn’t get it to work on Co-op vs AI last night.
I thought it won’t work for Social, only Ranked TDM but guess I got my answer.

Do the kills only count towards TDM? My friend was playing KOTH and when I started up with her she already has 50% on her kills list and she only played one match of KOTH

Kills in any social/ranked mode (not coop vs AI) count toward the 75 kills. Doesn’t need to be TDM for those kills.