Do reduced explosion modifiers apply to brawler and sniper?

They both have cards that inflict splash damage on kill through explosions
Does it apply to the pilot when using the SB and using salvos?

Pretty sure Yes for all of those.

Yeah, its definitely applies to Brawler. I am using Soothing Warmth instead of All The Glory lol.

It also affects the relic Retro, which is basically a reskinned Salvo. Unless there’s something about that weapon I’m missing.

Yes, you can use it, but not guarantee you get kicked instantly :wink: unless you aren’t playing in master.

No, it doesn’t apply to Marksman’s Explosive Headshot. It’s still devastating and remained unaffected by reduced -90% explosive damage.

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Actually, it does affect explosive critical hit for the marksman. No, it’s not devastating either. Here are four clips I made on Master between waves 48-49 for further evidence. In two of the clips, I used the ultimate. The other two are without the ultimate.

The first clip shows a scion and a sire next to each other. I killed the scion, but the sire lived with very little damage dealt to it.

The second clip shows another scion with three enemies around it. Once again, explosive critical hit didn’t do too much.

The third clip is between a lambent grenadier and a flame grenadier. I popped the lambent’s head. Almost no damage dealt to the flame grenadier next to it.

Finally, the last clip is between a lambent grenadier and a locust grenadier elite. I shot the lambent while making sure the locust grenadier stood next to it. ALMOST no damage!

Keep in mind that all of these clips were on Master. The explosive critical hit card is in fact affected by the 90% explosive reduction modifier and it’s not devastating at all!


Thanks for such a comprehensive post! It really does help when people explain mechanics with videos covering relevant scenarios.


@Ultra_Gnasty @GhostofDelta2

Lol, you haven’t tested it properly.

In the 1st clip, the Scion and Sire aren’t next to each other. You can’t see it properly because they are so far away and for all you know, they could be metres apart from each other.

The 3rd and 4th clip, Gears 5 Explosive Headshot doesn’t have the crazy range as Gears 4 used to have. If they were closer to each other, like next to each other, it would blow them both up. You were headshotting the Lambent on both occasions so how would you know it’s not bugged out like how Fear doesn’t work on Lambent enemies? And they weren’t even that close for Explosive Headshot to kill them both.

I know from personal experience that Explosive Headshot isn’t affected because I had blown up multiple enemies on that Daily modifier which shocked me and how I know about it now, and even told a friend about it. Those clips aren’t solid proof. I find it amusing people still believe those but fair enough.

Try this. Build Barriers or Decoys so there’s multiple enemies next to each other, point blank range and Explosive Headshot them. Not like over 2m 3m+ apart, because that doesn’t destroy them.

Those clips don’t show what level your Explosive Headshot is at. If It’s not Level 6, then the damage obviously would be lower. Just in case.

Can you explain why striker’s GSD doesn’t work while you claim that marksman can bypass the modifier?

What do you mean? It does but the explosive range is really short like point blank. I have no idea how it works on reduced -90% explosive damage.

I mean you claim marksman explosive headshot isn’t affected by reduced explosive modifier.

However, when I last time use striker when there’s “reduced explosive damage” modifier, it’s affected by it.

The GSD function is similar as marksman, so I wonder what makes you being determined to claim marksman is different.

I’m not going to comment anymore about GSD. I haven’t tried it on reduced -90% explosive damage.

So how do you explain the second clip where 3 nearby enemies take explosive and incredibly minimal damage? I notice that one was missing from your critique for some reason.

For all you know they could have had 1% or less HP or it was the Lambent explosion that kill them. If you showed a video backing up your claims it would be a lot easier to believe than “dude trust me”. You demand standards of evidence from others than you consistently refuse to adhere to yourself.

If there is a situation where it does work then absolutely show it. Perhaps it has a massive drop-off or is bugged in extremely close proximity, but Ultra has done a great job in showing a bunch of situations where it is useless with that modifier on.

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But you say marksman is affected by reduced explosive damage, so I’m going to play marksman testing it now.

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Will be great to see if the damage range is impacted by 90% (or some other number).

Any videos would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Sorry, no video contained.

But I just used X-ray to kill enemies

  • Lambent vs. anyone

I headshot the lambent one and the explosive damage can’t kill the sire :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s tested in wave 9 frenzy with “More health x 2.5”, even the explosive damage is reduced as 90%, the 10% explosive damage can do 50% of the sire HP.

@Ektope I mean Marksman is too op that the reduced explosive damage 90% in X-ray can still do massive damage.

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What level is your explosive headshot?

I thought it was a screenshot. I watched it and they weren’t close enough to eachother.

I haven’t played Gears in like a week, so why would I come on now just to prove something over the internet? I don’t feel like I need to prove anything. It’s up to you whether you want to believe it or not. You can try it yourself if you’re not convinced. I would continue using Explosive Headshot regardless of whether the modifier is in or not. And I don’t see how I’m demanding standards from people.

It’s possible that Explosive Headshot damage was so high, and even with reduced, it could still been strong enough to blow up multiple.

How come everyone X-Ray them? Try what I suggested above. Make a Decoy and when two enemies melee’ing it, Explosive Headshot them. You can’t see properly in X-Ray. The distance between them is massive drop-off. I am doubting it but I’ve already given a something to try, a Decoy. If it doesn’t work, then I’ll believe it. I’m not believing what people say about X-Ray or their clips with 2-3 metres apart from each other. Everyone seems to want to prove me wrong, and that’s the only way I’m believing it. When they are point blank.