Do prefer being the HIGHEST or LOWEST ranking person on your team?

In other words; would you rather carry or be carried??
Now that the game is older, the matchmaking is such that players of all different levels are being pooled together. Do you like leading a team of lower level guys and being MVP? Or, would you rather grouped with players more advanced than yourself?

While I like being able to show off and rack up a lot of kills, I find it really tough to play with lower level randoms because they often don’t listen (or don’t understand) and drain lives. They have a tunnel vision so they don’t support fire. I don’t really have a solo mentality so I get really thrown when I go to help a teammate and he straight runs away after I get there.

I am more of a thinking player and with higher level players, I can play support well by filling in the gaps, watching flank, support fire, and when I communicate (even if it’s just marking and signaling) they listen. If we’re struggling, I can advise a different strat and they know how to do it.

So, it’s a toss up. Be the hero on a weak team or be the support for badass players. Which do you all prefer when the lobbies are mixed?

It does not matter to me because I don’t play everyday anymore like I used to. I play maybe 4 or 5 hours a week. Compared to 3 or 4 hours a night on all previous Gears of War Games. Honestly I think Horde is more interesting than versus.

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Given I’m Onyx, much prefer to be lowest ranked! But I don’t get carried… I hold my own heh.

I feel more comfortable running support, though the consequence of that is I score low and never rank up.

Being the hero on a bad team is a moral victory only. I just ran a TDM where I was wrecking this 5 man squad but 2 teammates quit and the other two would not fight so the enemies quickly controlled Gridlock. After taking out several of them in a row, the enemies would not get near me so they just pinned me with lancers and kept waiting for nades and boom to take me out. Then, these gents were classy enough to laugh and call me “trash” afterward. lol.
I laughed and said, “Is that why you guys wouldn’t get near me after I pulled that quad?” The chorus of, “Uhhhhh…” had me in stitches. :smile:

So, yea, I’ll take the thankless role of support.

I no longer care about my rank so, im now intentionally trying to get myself deranked. Simply because if my team does not put in the effort, why should I

Though i would sometimes play seriously to occasionally carry just not enough to try and win.

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Don’t care who I play with as long as I MVP the game. Period!

Of course, it would help finding games…

I like a lot of your posts. Seems most have been toward ranking lately. Don’t get too over bothered with it. I like the mixture. It’s fine to carry or be carried. Mostly I feel it’s the connection in any particular game that determines what I can do. There are games I beast and don’t mind doing the heavy lifting. Then there are games that seem I shoot marshmellows, so I hang back and support.

Skill levels matter, but not to the point you go from MVP with 60+ kills to the next game where you barely get 20 kills and feel like a liability. Sad that ping plays such a role in determining each game’s play style for me.


I made a smurf account and placed silver to play with my lower ranked buddies and enjoyed smashing some diamond/onyx 3 players the other day. (we were pooled together because it was a dead night for matchmaking) :smiley: lmao but I prefer to be the lower rank in my team so they don’t expect much.

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Depends on the game mode. Some like KOTH I don’t really care so long as the team goes after the obj. Modes like TDM I’d rather be a bit lower since I HATE ppl eating lives. I tend to die maybe 2 times in a round, so it is depressing when your first death doesn’t allow a respawn.

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Then you can complain about being the lowest ranked person in the match and how you shouldn’t be matched against these people in game chat…oh wait :laughing:

I don’t care about rank but I think it’s a shame that so many people do. The ranks ruin my enjoyment somewhat because of how certain people behave. Running off with their tail between their legs as soon as you lose a game.

What I really can’t stand is when I’ve been invited to a team with 4 other diamonds, I don’t get any enjoyment out of that, I can’t stay more than 2 games as it bores me to death. I prefer for the matches to be close, those are always the best ones. I would rather have a close match and lose than play stacked with a bunch of jessies who need to dance around their handbags. :smile:

I was Gold 3 whilst in our match, I’m pretty sure everyone was Onyx 3 and you were diamond. As I said I dont care about my rank but a Gold 3 player matchmaking with everyone as a Onyx 3s… to me its an impossible match to with.

If you didnt notice I was dying like every 5 seconds… it wasnt until the second round that I started getting kills.

I legit wanted to quit out of the match… because dying over and over for an entire round is not fun, I only continued to play because that mic dude properly going to get mad that I aint doing anything :stuck_out_tongue:

matchmaking should always pair you up with those 1-2 tiers above you, and not a whole rank.

I hear you. I frequently find myself asking my team, “Why am I only getting one life???”
I had a TDM earlier where I went 17-2 and two of my teammates went 2-13. I was PLEADING with these guys to stay alive long enough to let me do my work. Fortunately, the enemy was so busy chasing the easy kills that they didn’t pay attention to me collecting power weapons and I was able to get us a W.

Then, I had a couple games against players that were CONSTANTLY flanking and I was the only one paying any attention. No one was listening to my warnings (maybe none of them spoke english) so I had to either protect the flank on my own and die repeatedly or do like them and be selfish, Being the type of person I am ,I guarded the flank and placed miserably low on the scoreboard. In this game I feel the obligation to do what I know is right for the team and it’s often to my personal detriment.

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Doesn’t matter much. I stopped looking at Re-Up levels as a way to gauge skill based off of experience. I find myself playing better than people with levels way higher than mine sometimes and people better than me playing on another account.

I just play the game and practice consistency, and I typically end up at the top.