Do people still play games for fun

Gears is fun with friends. With friends, we all have a good time!

Playing alone is a bit boring.

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I would say the majority still do, yes. Don’t forget, the vocal part of the gaming community is only really a minority. There are many gamers who play everyday and don’t look at [Enter social media platform of choice].

Dying Light has definitely been a blast,Got it last month and after grinding and getting maxed skill trees,the game is truly addicting,and its a game that’s amazing both single player and co-op


Dying Light was one of my first Xbox one games, I cant wait for the second one :slight_smile: I havent played it in a couple years though, I should revisit it.

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You really should,recently beat The Following DLC and I am still just screwing around.A lot of stuff to do even when you beat the game.Having a friend to play with though always doubles the fun

As for Dying Light 2, from the news about it being announced too early I doubt it’ll be out this year unfortunately☹️

I always played it by myself, I played it at night too, it would give me some good spooks every once in awhile.

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I always got an adrenaline rush at night time running from volatiles,even at max agility level.

But that’s how you know they did a spot on job with it.You’re never meant to run at night and if you do,you will most likely face the consequences.

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Thats what they were called lol, I couldnt remember their names. Im really excited for the second one to come out.

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Hopefully it comes out by the end of this year,but even if it doesn’t I’m still having a blast with this game,simply just running around and doing parkour is always a blast.That whole idea of feeling free and not restricted in anyway

Im more anticipating the skywalker saga lol.


I love the fact that I can get on the game, do my dailies, and leave.
Not like other games, where you have to dedicate so much time, every single day due to FOMO.

If it didn’t have tour of duty, then I’d probably just play ranked. When implemented correctly, its a good system that gives games more concurrent players. You have something to aim for, and the challenges are easily achievable.
Not gonna lie though, the simplicity can get a bit dull at times. Wish they had daily/weekly objectives for ranked.

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Personally I work on medals and play versus when it sounds fun to me. but ive been playing pve a whole lot more lately, mainly because I want the heroic venom skins. but I might just buy the team crystal set, it looks better than the venom set tbh and im at like 47k gears coins.

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Right now I only play gears 5 for the battle pass. I really enjoyed escape but they killed that off. That was the only mode I actually enjoyed in this game. I have been playing overwatch and Cold War for fun

Fun? I barely even know her!

Feel like everyone is jumping over on that ship, such an under appreciated game

Fun is subjective and I’d bet most players do play for fun. Even “try-harding” is just a way of having fun to someone.

Gears is the game for me that I play more competitively because I find it fun. I don’t do so because I take the game seriously. I don’t take it seriously; I just enjoy the competition.
Pretty much everything else I play, I play more casually.

The progression unlocks are just a bonus on the side.

It’s so ridiculous that every now and then I come across someone who’ll complain I’m being too serious after they lose the match. Ironically, they’re the one being too serious about it lol.
For whatever reason, some people expect I’m being serious just based on my play style. Anyone who’s ever played with me knows that I’m hardly ever serious :sweat_smile:

I hope the PVE event coming soon is more fun then escape from kadar, more enemy variety.