Do people still play games for fun

If gears 5 didn’t have a battle pass system or achievements would your overall play time increase or decrease? The same can be said for any other game with a reward system I’m just using gears as an example.

I doubt it would make much difference to me, personally.

Yeah I play this mainly for fun, I haven’t played ranked for a hot second

But yeah I just play games to kill time or enjoy the story/side quests


I played Gears 3 Versus religiously each day for 6 years. I can confirm this was long after achievements were rounded up and was purely for enjoyment. I miss that.

Other than Gears I’ve completed Batman: Arkham Asylum/City/Origins/Knight 4 times each minimum 100%.

So yes, depending on the quality of the game. It’s a shame how badly they broke Gears 5.


Depends on the game, with some games i enjoy them if i am making some form of progress either towards achivements or just getting better in game, and with others i dont mind sitting down and playing them for hours even if i have all achievements and/or are maxed out.

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Detailed answer : I don’t really need reward incentives to play a game. If they’re there and achievable for me, great. But I mainly play games for entertainment, not to chase “that next grind”. I am of the opinion that if someone only plays something for completion while not actually enjoying the game, they should be reconsidering some of their priorities.


That’s Red Dead Online for me. I’m a really high level and until the devs add something new, there’s not much to do. But I can always just go back in and ride around on my horse and just exist in the incredible world they’ve built.

Gears is different. Because it’s not like an open world title, things get repetitive quickly. And since most of these achievements are almost unattainable, there’s still something to work towards even if I’m just having fun. But the moment I start feeling burnt out or bored, I know it’s time to give it a break so my return will be enjoyable again.


Reups have never mattered to me. I have never understood why people wanted them and why the demand for multiple Reups ever became a thing.

Achievements I liked when Xbox first came out but that ended quickly.

Every franchise/game I truly enjoyed didn’t need them.

Hitman and splintercell series are two franchises I played for years with no care for these systems.
Contracts and blood money were beaten multiple times.
Hundreds of hours in spy vs merc multiplayer in SC.

And the amount of time I played in elder Scrolls Oblivion and GTA have nothing to do with achievements or progressing numbers and those are my most played franchises ever.

Even game reviewers for the past few years constantly talk about endgame loot and what’s the progression system like etc etc. And I’m just like huh?

Never cared. Just make a good game.

As always fun first progression second.

I wouldn’t bother playing gears a couple of times a week if was strictly going for achievements/medals/etc

Enjoyable game and some serious grinding go hand in hand though. Why id happily see more re ups in the future.




Yes since campaign, horde, escape, and vs AI is still enjoyable.

Achievements ARE fun and they’re fun for many people.

I still find fun in this game, which is why I still play.

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I mean. Titanfall…

Yes, plenty of games are fun, though people definitely do get sucked in with grinding mechanics, limited time exclusive items etc

These days I tend to prefer single player story driven games to avoid a lot of the live service/always online

Here is some screenshots of some fun games (other than Gears) I have played recently

Lastly here is a photo of a good dog to reward anyone who made it to the end


It’s funny to think of just how different the first and second game were, and how the latter was so much better then everything else that has come out the last few years by going back to the basics. Story focused. No grindy achievements. No battle-passes. MTX almost non-existent.

It’s hard to conceive how a game like Titanfall 2 exists in the modern market and be as good as it is. It has everything that appeals to a large group of players without feeling bloated.

Want a good campaign? It has that.
Want a robust multiplayer? That too.
Want to 100% the game? Good news! it doesn’t take a million hours to do.
Want cosmetics? Play the game, that simple.

I don’t generally like multiplayer games that much anymore, but Titanfall 2 is one of the very few that stands out and I can’t recommend it enough.


I’m currently playing Gears 5 because I don’t have any other games to play right now but will soon. I have all achievements for Gears 5.

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Well done mate :slight_smile:

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Fun with the right people of course.

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I only play Gears for fun. I’ve made a lot of friends here over the years and being able to run ranked with them anr have fun is the only reason I still play.

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