Do people really like Gridiron?

It’s alright. I’m a UK player and don’t follow American football, but it’s reasonably fun. I like it more than TDM and KOTH. Guardian beats them all though, and GOW4 version of Escation.

It’s not that heavily based on an actual football game. It’s just reverse capture the flag. Assault on halo is a good example exactly the same objectives just skinned differently, they’ve just flavoured it for thrash ball to coincide with Cole’s release. It’s a pretty solid game type tbf,


Imo, the problem with Escalation 2.0 wasn’t that people overwhelmingly hated the gametype. Instead, the major issue was that it was too complex to play with randoms in matchmaking. And if you played with people who understood the gametype you were likely to run over the enemy team (and there was a lot of quitting because of that) since it was rare to end up in a lobby where everyone knows how to play the gametype.
Most people don’t think as far ahead in the match as the gametype requires you to do (with the weapon placements, respawn economy etc). The gametype was made for eSports and it works perfectly for that because it’s built around planning ahead and strategy (and it’s interesting to watch, too). So it serves its purpose. But there was no way it could’ve survived long as a ranked gametype in Gears.

I’m not complaining though. It’s an eSports gametype that works well in eSports so it does what it’s supposed to. And eSports fans enjoy watching it.


I havnt played it yet and have ZERO INTEREST. Ive seen enough videos to know. I won’t like it.

If theh had dodgeball rules
Then i would probably be better.

love it, play it daily

it brings some interesting plays instead of just full elimination, sneaky touchdowns, reverse eliminations or steal touchdown at the end

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KOTH and Gridiron are quite different, we all like different modes, comparing it to Execution i prefer Gridiron cause of variations of win styles involved

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Gridiron draws minimal inspiration from American Football. The spawns are called endzones and when you bring the neutral flag to the enemy teams endzone you get a touchdown. That’s literally the only similarities it has to American Football.

Madden with Gears characters? Lmao what??? I don’t really pay attention to sports, but unless the NFL added a rule where you can kill the opposing team to win the game, there is no similarity between a Madden football game and Gridiron. As I mentioned above, Gridiron takes very little inspiration from American Football. TC probably just decided to call it Gridiron because of the fact OP3 focused heavily on Cole. A character who plays Thrashball. There are other games like Halo who have an exact identical mode called breakout. Where you have one life per round and the round can be won by either eliminating the enemy team or capturing the neutral flag on the enemy team’s side of the map.

While Gridiron uses some American Football terminology, it has very little to do with the actual sport. Gridiron is essentially Warzone mixed with Neutral CTF. Which I think is much better than regular Warzone in my opinion. I love gamemodes that have more than one way of winning the round.


Football isn’t something im thinking about when I’m playing the mode. Despite that, I don’t think it’s thematically out of line with Gears since Thrashball is a very obvious real world parallel to American Football and Cliff did initially take a lot of inspo from Football when designing aspects of MP/game.

I actually enjoy this mode a lot, more than any other mode I’ve ever played in any multiplayer game that comes to mind.

It’s strategical, objective and round /match pacing is very even keel. The mode is almost perfect.

When I get nice and settled (im currently in the process of moving) I’m likely going to make a post about Gridiorn ; what’s lost and how it differs from Execution, some neat suggestions that could enhance the experience…

To me, people are too focused on what they’re use to or how something is different or limiting from what they usually play instead of just acknowledging something for the merit it has.

Just so people know where my biases ,may stand, I was primarily a Execution/TDM/2v2 player.All more tactical modes. TDM and Execution have a lot of issues. My issues with those modes either don’t exist or are completely fixed in Gridiron.

In short, I’m a Gridiron player now.

Not every game mode has to be an adaptive battle of attrition like KOTH.,While I still play and appreciate what the other modes have to offer, I’ve always preferred the play by play/round by round that single-life ,allows. Respawn modes are great for maximizing the amount time you’re actually playing the game but there’s a different satisfaction gained with one life modes like Execution.

Also, the objective in Gridiron pretty much fixed the pacing issue Exec had.

Overall, I think Gridiron just seems less appealing to most because playesr are still relatively unfamiliar with it. It’s not a pick up and play mode like FFA (or the way 2v2/TDM can be) and it’s up against legacy modes with dedicated player bases where uncertainty of enjoyment isn’t a factor. Overall player base isn’t large, so it makes sense that Gridiron might be underpopulated in that situation where players are going to gravitate toward modes they know and that maximize potential time they could be playing the game (respawn modes).

Honestly, as soon as players hear/see single life about 80 or so percent of the player base gets spooked and disinterested .

It is, what is.

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Those are the 2 game types that we are forced to play if we choose to play rank. Therefore I can’t compare it to a game type that we can’t play.

But bringing execution up I would take it over all these game types especially with them butchering TDM. I don’t get a choice in how Canadians… I mean TC make dumb ■■■ decisions for this franchise.

Team base shooter but you can only play with one other friend SMH.

There was a mode in the past where it was basically 2 vs 2 vs 2 , right? Brothers to the end, or something like that? I think that might be an interesting choice…

But I really think that TC is desperate to create their own NEW things, away from Epic’s ideas, that’s why they are slowing removing old things in favor of new things they come up with…

I liked it. Felt the rounds were well paced and the objective(s) were simple.

Made me miss execution more tho :sneezing_face:

Wingman? That might be against forum rules to bring it up. Lol. I just miss jumping on and playing game types I like. Now I’m stuck playing in quick play because we are to high ranked in grid iron. This game is falling apart. Maybe I should join the rest of the Sheep herd and play king…:thinking:

I only play to complete the medals attatched to it. The second those medals are finished I will leave everytime it is selected. I just don’t enjoy playing it even if I win or lose lol.

hi man @Omen_LP

I don like it man … if TC would remove Gridiron for me would be exactly the same game to be honest. I don’t care about it much.

I’m a intensive horde player so I would vote for it to be removed. The core essence of Gears its horde… its my humble opinion.

LONG LIVE GUARDIAN ahahahahaha :smiley:

I mean it is 2020 so who knows.


It’s growing on me, but it gets tedious when there are so many rounds to win. Half would be more than enough.