Do people really like Gridiron?

I get that everyone likes different things, so I’m not knocking this game mode or people who play it…

I’m just curious…

Do people like really it??

I don’t, and I insta quick any quickplay game where I get put into Gridlock…

I suspect it’s a combination of 2 reasons:

  1. I didn’t grow up in north america, so I have no interest in american “football” (you know the “football” where they don’t use a ball or their feet all that much :slight_smile: ) and

  2. it feels cheap in a Gears game. It’s like they are trying to do Madden, with Gears characters… Emotes to be like Fortnite, gridiron to be like Madden… It’s like they lack imagination and are just trying to mirror what others are doing, throwing darts on a board blindfolded, hoping they hit a success… ???

What do you guys think?


Gridlock!? :thinking::smirk:

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Kinda lost interest now guardian is back.

I think its cool but it won’t click with the Ranked playlist imo

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I barely tried it so it’s unfair to fully judge it but it wasn’t for me. They definitely shouldn’t be combining it and koth in quick play. If anything they should bring back execution and combine grid with exe and let players vote which mode they want to play.

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I like it a lot and would play it often if I wasn’t either playing horde or running surge to level up cards for horde. As soon as I’ve done with that I’m hoping to play this a lot more.


Yeah hard to get a match of gridiron when everyone chooses KOTH. There’s a few achievements tied to gridiron, you know, and not everyone wants to play ranked. I enjoyed it a little. My enjoyment was mainly coming from the fact that I could rush the football and get the touchdown before the other team knew what was up like 50% of the time, because most of the people playing don’t know what they’re doing. These days I can’t even get a match, though.

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Yes, i actually really like gridiron.


I enjoy it but don’t play it too often. It’s like a less campy warzone.

I actually played it for the Cole train skin,it was good,but for the lag after that I stopped

It’s good but I’d still rather it not be one life and with some of the rules changed. I prefer submission.

It’s better than king.

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I think I actually like Gridiron more than KoTH. It’s a better version of execution in my opinion.

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I really like Gridiron. Whenever I’m in the mood for some more classic Gears style versus mp I’ll play it. I’m honestly liking it more than Exe/Wz because of the additional objective and various ways to win the round. And also because there are no stalemates happening.


I don’t really.

i only play it since i cant play king of the hill repeatedly that mode gets on my nerves after a few games, 2v2 and free for all is boring so grid iron it is( i prefer to play ranked). I miss guardian and execution hell even dodgeball would be more fun.

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Ok, so a mix of opinions, i guess thats good… I dont think there ever was a mode with a universally shared feeling about it (lol, maybe G5 Escalation, haha, most hated it :grin: ).

I really liked dodgeball in GoW4… I see there is a dodgeball in quickplay, but i refuse to play any pvp mode as long as the chainsaw controls are all messed up… So i am only doing coop for versus dailies…



Gridirion is much better than KOTH IMO, I like it a lot and my favorite mode :slight_smile:

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It’s like execution (which I like) but less campy and there are multiple strategies to win. I think it’s a pretty good mode actually. Its kind of a shame if it doesn’t get traction in ranked. People are so set in their ways in this game (most of the time it’s for good reason though)

The football references and theatrics are a bit corny IMO but that doesn’t bother me as long as the gameplay itself is fun.

I just haven’t played it much because I’m in my KOTH phase right now.

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