Do older gears titles hold up (campaign)?

Hey, hope you are having a good day, was just playing my first gears game which is Gears of War 4 (campaign) and it’s is so far pretty solid. I was wondering if the older Gears of War games still hold up after all these years? should I go back and play em? thanks.

Gears campaigns have always been a ton of fun IMO.


I think you’re going to get a resounding yes from this community. Gears 4 is my first too and I just did the campaign in April for the raam challenge. After that I completed gears 1 campaign and am currently halfway through gears 2.

It would have definitely been a better experience I think if I had played them back in the day when they were new and before I knew what was going to happen. But if you’re at all interested in the gears story then why not give them a shot. They’re free on game pass. The graphics are a bit dated compared to gears 4, but the trilogy was made for the Xbox 360. It’s generally recommended that you go with UE rather than gears 1 though. UE wasn’t on game pass so I went with gears 1. If you play tournament controls like me you’ll have a hard time with gears 1 as that control scheme wasn’t around then. I had to remap with my elite controller.


Gears of War Ultimate Edition was on game pass for me. I did just upgrade to the new game pass ultimate from just an xbox live gold subscription though. Maybe it is a new addition to game pass because Gears 5 will be on game pass on release day?

I recommend you play Gears 1, 2 , 3 and then Judgment… Which afterwards you’ll be so intrigued that you willl want to either read or (audiobook) all of the books… Because this game is phenomenal!!!

The older campaigns are WAY better than 4. Gears 4 is the first game where I actually got into the multiplayer, and the first one where I didn’t like the campaign.

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WHAT!! Are you seriously asking this question?

Are you a disciple of the mighty @DAVID_THE_CLOWN?!

It’s mandatory that you go back and play the original trilogy campaigns. They’re far superior to Gears 4 in many ways. Better story, better atmosphere, better locations and the original Delta Squad.

Don’t let me see you questioning their merit again.



Technically, I liked Gears 4 campaign.

But for story, a bit of charismas and some great one liners,

You have to play the original trilogy for sure!

Of course, Swap Gears 1 for Gears UE.

So definitely do;

UE, 2 and 3.

If you want, Judgement can be played too but not essential IMO.

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What! Keep your voice down! It’ll hear you.


The GoW (God of War should not be abbreviated as GoW) remaster is dope, the 1st and 2nd prob. run at 30 FPS or less (■■■■ show). The 3rd is also good and Judgment… Well, do you like Horde?

If you want to play them in chronological order, based on time line, then:

RAAM’s Shadow (Gears 3 DLC Campaign)
Gears: Judgment
Gears 1 or Ultimate Edition
Gears 2
Gears 3 (Up to Act 5)
Judgment: Aftermath (Happens before Act 5 of Gears 3 Campaign)
Gears 3 (Last Act 5)

Either way, I’d do ‘em again for Achievements, possible legacy unlocks, even get to know the story so far.


If you enjoyed 4 you are going to LOVE the original trilogy and J maybe to a slightly lesser extent.

Play the UE version of 1 though.
Have fun :+1:

Judgement had the best campaign ever…Change My Mind

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The Raam battle in the original is lit brother. I don’t feel like Judgment has an actual campaign. So, maybe it is the best of whatever it is.

I actually agree with you on this one.

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Completely agree.
The first 3 campaigns were amazing.
Play them in order and you really get a feeling for the story.
I’d advise anyone to play them from the start

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I’d play judgement but man the control scheme is so off for me. It really kills the vibe of Gears.

Sadly tho I can play other games with different control schemes and it never messes with me one bit.

The only difference I remember was pressing Y for switching primary and secondary weapon and LB to quick-throw. That’s it really. Not much difference.

You obviously mean Aftermath :wink: as the J campaign was barely that. I will concede that the TB trap was awesome though.

The campaigns are really fun. If you can look past the graphics of 2006 in Gears 1, or you can play UE, the other games look really good, especially for the time that they were made.

The story is good in every game as well, maybe except Judgment, but Judgment isn’t essential to the rest of the story, a nice bonus if you want to play it. I would recommend Gears 3 Raam’s Shadow DLC as well. Gears 2’s ‘Road to Ruin’ DLC isn’t essential, but it adds a bit extra to the campaign afterwards.