Do not give me Golden Marcus

Do not give me the achievement of golden Marcus although I am already 100% what can i do


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A. River


This is either telling TC NOT to give you the skin or you just simply do not know how to ask a question properly.

Why do you not want TC to give you it to you? Do you hate Marcus that much?

Oh man! I know someone who won’t tolerate any hating on Marcus!

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Easy now Pepper. You don’t want to snap at him, or heaven forbid yell! He is an angel that can do no wrong

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What the hell does Rice Crispies got to do with this?

Everything. The represent the the soft and easily broken heart of Kait.

Kait’s weakness. Soak her in milk.

But on a serious not to thr OP before we totally derail this - I’m not even sure what your question us because it’s incomprehensible, but I’m gonna take a stab and guess that you haven’t received the Gilded Marcus skin yet. In which case be patient. Some people are experiencing some delays but they eventually get it.

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