Do not close our forum topics please support us

Hello dear moderators,

We are using support tickets but it is saying 14 days.
We are playing our games everyday…
And still that re-up reset has no solution and some of us can not receiving any stars, xps, cards, anything…

We need serious support. We are paying for this game…!
It is like more than 72 hours there is no solution for re-up reset on our accounts and all we can do is using this forum.

To be perfectly frank, posting more posts or keeping threads open isn’t going to help either. TC have a few Community Managers who come on here every so often, but they don’t deal with the techy stuff - the best they can do is pass it onto their colleagues but it won’t make it go any faster; and nor do the mods. The rest of us are just players with no affiliation to TC.

As frustrating as it is, submitting a ticket is the best way of getting it sorted out. TC do prioritise things though, so while the email may say “14 days” or something, it could be faster if it’s deemed to be a bigger priority.

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Like Pepper said.
As well, not every ticket gets a direct response - sometimes, we source tickets to see if it’s affecting only a specific system, a subsect of users, etc., and pass that information on from the tickets.

I can understand it is frustrating to not get a direct response, but tickets absolutely help us.

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I am not saying here is the only place.
But ticket support is not working properly and this time it is so serious problem. Almost we lost our game accounts. We lost our progress and we are playing our game everyday.

Can you please check this topic and TC started to help players manually. And then stopped unfortunately because the subject is not basic or easy.

So I see only way we can communicate here. Ticket system is good but sorry it is weak at this moment and as players we need strong help especially at this kind of serious account problems.

We cannot have the requests come through the forums though - they have to go through support so we get the correct information.

As I said, I understand the frustration, but there is a reason we request that tickets be sent in, as well that the email you should receive for putting in a ticket should have stated that not every ticket will get a direct answer and we will work as fast as we can to resolve the issues, but the wait is potentially 14 days. There are other users affected by other situations we also need to be fair to.

This topic will need to be closed, as we are requesting tickets sent in instead. You may not like that, and I understand, but we have that system in place for the best results.