Do it on easy or insane no other kind of achievement

What’s the point in doing it on any other difficulty other than the easiest or insane. Because before insane, you get the same achievement score!!!

What’s the point? Not making it trivially easy to carve through Swarm like you’re some nearly invincible super soldier, but also not making the experience unnecessarily frustrating, which is pretty much what Experienced gives you.

I understand what your saying I did it on what would have been hardcore. But i have got the same achievement as someone that is going to be doing it on the easi6setting how is that fair??? Other gears you got rewarded with better achievement one a higher setting. See my point!!!

I wasn’t really bothered by it too much. Maybe that’s just due to my lack of caring for most if not all achievements. But I see your point.

I know what you mean. Gears 3 you would be rewarded for beating it on other levels and the achievements would stack if you beat a higher difficulty.

My gripe with 5 (and 4) is that beating it on insane is it nets you nothing. No xp, no skins, emblems, characters etc. All you get is grey hairs and gamerscore.

At least in 3 you got rewards that showed how much of a nerd you were.