Do iron bundles go on sale?

I’ve heard that Operation bundles go on sale but does iron go on sale? If not what about those bundles you can buy with iron? You know the deluxe carmine, Gears 5 anniversary, lambent pack etc. Do they go on sale? Some of them are kinda hefty for what they’re priced at. You can buy most of the items with gears coins and you could get like 100+ days of boost with that iron which would net you a ■■■■ ton of gold.

I dont recall a bundle ever being discounted.


Rip I guess. Just seems like a waste of cash considering the pricing.

We used to get occasional discounted bundles. They were pretty rare though. Like during the first week after the game’s launch they did a deal which was something like 10,000 Iron for £50 or something (it was advertised as 6000 Iron + 4000 Iron for some weird reason).


I guess they tried to make it seem like better value. On the price checker sites UK has to pay some of the most expensive prices to get things on XBL lol. Even Americans get cheaper prices.

That was the only time I ever bought iron.

I dont the op bundles or the mid drop character bundles have ever been discounted though.

Op bundles 1-4 were discounted 4 different times according to websites though