Do I lose my characters and stuff when transferring to a new system?

My XBOX broke recently, so I wanted to know if my characters, rank, and stuff will be there when I get a new system?

I’m assuming all of that is tied to GT not system but I wanted to make sure.

Yes its tied to your GT and I believe the data is saved on the cloud. So just download your Xbox Live profile, install Gears 4 and play.


Awesome, thanks!

I believe the characters unlocked, skins, difficulties, collectibles, credits are stored online and probably everything else.
However, Campaign save might be stored on Xbox hard drive instead.

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Yeah they def are. My day one xbox one stopped working after 5 years and I bought the One X and everything transferred over.


no. its saved on thier side. i got new xbox, no issues. just use same gt


The campaign also uses the cloud for saving too. There’s that Ironman Campaign trick that players use (where after they die they delete their console save file, and when they relaunch the game it syncs up with the cloud to recover your progress prior to dying).