Do i have to really go to the Lobby to boot people

Custom Games are in a sense a great idea, but what is not so great is people joining your game, not reading the game name or even taking notice of the Host in game. I have searched the internet for ways to boot people in game, but so far, all i have found is it can only happen when you return to the Lobby and do it out of game.
I hate the idea of needing such an option, but i have read nightmare situations where people have joined a game and done nothing, absolutely nothing, and got away with free experience at the expense of others.
There has to be a three strikes and you are out option, the Host must have the option to boot, with good cause mind you, but, yes, the ability to boot, so someone more deserving can enter the game instead.

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The host does have the option to boot mid-game. They need to press pause, click on player name then click on kick.


Some people wont know lol

Thank you for this confirmation.
This knowledge will be used wisely, and only if necessary.


Or whenever I deem it necessary…