Do I have the ultimate edition preloaded or not? (PC)

I had Gears 5 “installed” before the pre-load was possible via Gamepass for PC. It then updated itself one night and installed the full game…

However, this is what I see:

When I click Gears 5 ultimate in the store I see this:

But I just went to install it on my second PC and when I clicked install on the ultimate edition, I see a totally different icon in the download screen (the icon with kait and it states “ultimate edition”), along with all the additional content (skins etc) that I don’t see on my main PC.

There doesn’t seem to be any button to “upgrade” to the ultimate edition on my main PC and it seems to think it’s installed, but it seems as though it isn’t.

What’s going on? Am I going to have to uninstall the whole game and install it again?

Installed, it only shows the main game. It does that with GOW4 also. The Ultimate Edition is seen as an extension or add-on to the main game.

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So you see the same thing in your installed list yeah?

Yes, it confused a few people but you do have indeed have the Ultimate edition.

I did some more digging, and I definitely don’t have the ultimate edition. You can also see the missing content.

Is there any way I can get this thing to let me install the ultimate edition without having to re download the entire game?

I talked with Microsoft support via chat for like an hour now, just to completely waste my time and them just suggest that I download the whole damn thing from scratch. The reason I wanted to avoid when I talked to them and the first thing that I stated.

What a frustrating experience.

It took me 2 days to install the game and if I have to start over, I’m not going to be able to play it until the 8th, which is going to totally suck.

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You’re wasting your time talking to MS support, they’re mainly outsourced. You have UE, it wouldn’t show that bundled stuff if you didn’t. It’s the same exact download as the regular game.

That is really strange.

I know that every edition of the game has the same icon, so that in itself wasn’t an issue.

@XtraTrstrL Is this what you see on your library?

Hopefully this is just a poor layout on MS Stores behalf rather than an issue with your preorder.

I would recommend trying to boot it up on your first PC at launch

Yea, it just shows the regular edition under Downloads & Updates. You can cleary see he has the “Play” button on the store page for the Ultimate Edition though. He has the Ultimate Edition, he’s wasting his time worrying.

It’s just the horrible Windows Store with how it handles everything. It’s the same reason TC couldn’t put the Ultra HD texture pack as a separate download in the store like they did in Steam. You have to download it in-game for the Winstore version.

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The thing is, i went to install it on my second PC and it does show the ultimate edition in the list. You’ll also note the missing Halo pack. Which is part of the ultimate edition, so if I had the ultimate edition, that would be listed in the screenshot I posted earlier too. (but isn’t).


Edit: for clarity, here are the missing items:

It should be unlocked for you when you first boot up the Ult edition on your first PC.

Then all the content will be tied to your account

I just edited my previous post with the screenshot with the missing items.

If you go to your win store page (the installed section), do you see those items listed on yours?

Edit: to be clear, I could care less about the missing items, I just want to play the game tomorrow, not on the 10th.

It’s the Windows Store just sucking. The only install for the game is the Standard Edition. It knows you own Ultimate Edition, you can see that when you actually go to the store page. Like GhostofDelta2 said, once you boot up, you should see it all in your account.

Alright man, thanks for your help.

I’ll take your word for it and cross my fingers for tomorrow then.
See you on the battlefield! (hopefully…)

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See you there bud.

If you do a search for Gears 5 Ultimate Edition in game pass after downloading you should see the Play button instead of install. If so you have the Ultimate Edition regardless of what your library says. I would also suggest running the game for the first time from the search to make sure everything loads up right.

They are literally ALL outsourced, no one you talk to is a direct MS employee. How do I know… well I can’t say that without breaking a NDA :wink: