Do explosive headshot and headshot work together

I use explosive headshot,but haven’t got damage on
I was thinking of swapping team revive for headshot damage but if they don’t stack don’t see the point.

They should stack together, Explosive Headshot and Headshot Damage.
Otherwise, it may take another bullet/round or few before their head explodes.

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They do stack, the resulting explosion from magic bullet and headshot damage on top of the explosive headshot is obscene.
Shorter blast radius but hits like a heavies boomshot.

It kinda feels like Dropshot Damage, because even it takes out Guardians/Sentinels or Scions.

Yeah dropshot may be a better comparison Tbh.
Gotta love headshoting guardians as they hover at head height over a crowd of drones and juvvies. 5 maybe 6 kills or more in a single bullet :relieved:

What do you mean stack? Why would they stack, they don’t do the same thing. Explosive Headshot isn’t hitting nearby enemies with headshots when it goes off.

It certainly doesn’t work like that.
I think OP meant if it’s worth using Headshot Damage with Explosive Headshot, but couldn’t really see much point in using Headshot Damage.

Explosive headshot converts the headshot damage to an explosion.
More headshot damage = more explosive damage

Pretty sure the Level of Explosive Headshot Card determines the +% Explosive Damage done?
Headshot Damage is simply how much Damage to take their heads off, but don’t think this contributes towards the Explosive Damage.

It does not.

Which part?
I highlighted multiple points so you’ll have to be specific here.

It doesn’t contribute towards explosive headshot damage. They are two completely different cards. Headshot damage determines how much damage it takes to blow heads off as you said. Explosive headshot only determines the splash damage.

I see, so we both agree on the same thing.

It does, but I’ve always assumed, since it’s a % multiplier that it uses the damage pool you dealt when you blasted that drones head off as the base figure with which to calculate the explosive damage.
Therefore increasing the damage dealt during the headshot increases the explosive damage after the headshot by the % shown on ex headshot card.

Does that make sense?
Or have I just rambled and confused things? :sweat_smile:

I get it, you thought Explosive Damage was based on Headshot Damage.
Even though it doesn’t work that way.

Ah OK, so the splash is what, a fixed (unspecified) amount of damage multiplied only by the level of your explosive headshot card?

Weird, I always thought the explosions seemed weaker whenever I dropped rifle or headshot damage.

Yes, it seems so.

It’s probably a placebo effect or that your Snipers Weapons seem to do weaker Damage, before the Explosive Headshots.

Hmm, if you’re right then I definitely need to rethink my sniper build.

That was kinda my thinking. Helping with guardians and sentinals.
Thanks for all the replies guys :+1:.

So to summarise… Head Shot Damage is all about getting the Damage for the Head to Pop. Then Explosive Headshot Level is about how much of an explosion occurs, which bears no further link to Head Shot Damage at this point?

It has always been my take anyways.