Do Exclusives Matter?

I for one don’t think exclusive skins becoming available is that much of a big deal. If anything, gaming is about having fun and being enjoyable. I think the fact anything can be legit exclusive is kind of agaist that. I can understand timed exclusives… ex: a year exclusivity. But does it matter if skins and characters are exclusive and why?


I thought this was going to be about platform selling games…
For skins, IDGAF. However, I think it’s disgraceful for companies to sell you on exclusivity for anything only to stab you in the back later down the line. The messaging is important to build trust.


Excellent point.

Market it appropriately…no issue.

This wasn’t how the black phantom were marketed.


Exatly THIS .
TC are masters of distrust.


No, not when they were specifically for people who had played Gears 4 during the “Road to Gears 5” and met the requirements. It’s pretty much a big :fu: to them.

Yet another terrible decision that proves this Studio knows very little about it’s community.


Right, but for people who just started gears 5 to see theres characters or skins they can never have because they never owned an xbox or something is pretty lame. Like i dont mind exclusives coming back, but i wish those in particular were earnable at least not given for free.


Oh the fu** well


Gears 2, 3 and Judgement all had exclusive content that was never unlockable later. So it’s not unprecedented in this franchise. What I care about above all is TC being held to their word.


No they don’t at all.

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Depends. If you unlocked something within the game, as long as they mention it’s gonna be released later, it’s not too bad.

Loyalty rewards achieved from playing an older game should never come back, unless the challenge does, too. And even then people might still feel cheated.

Beta unlocks should forever be exclusive. No exceptions.

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Yes they matter I like having an item or too that not everyone else has.


Yep people and answers like this are what is wrong with the world today!

And certain characters during the original trilogy (in gears 2 case)

Anthony Carmine
All Gold hammer burst and lancer

But later on the 2 gold weapons u can get them now by downloading the game

Gears 3:
Chrome-plated set
Flame set
Gold-plated set
Liquid green set

  • Adam Felix ?

It’s like the term “exclusive” doesn’t really mean anything. It’s just thrown around as a bait to get people to buy or play your game whenever you need them to. Need higher player counts? "Hey guys, we got some ‘exclusives’ for you guys to earn if you play our game! Player counts dwindling again a year later and too lazy to create something new? “Uh, can we get away with giving the new people those things from last year that we called ‘exclusives’? I mean those old people are all gone now. So no one’s gonna notice, right?”



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I think the skins can serve a purpose as for how dedicated or skilled a player are. Say, just as an example, that making 500 master horde matches gives you a specific skin set. If you then see a player with those skins in a match you’ll know that he has put down a significant amount of time in horde. It says way more than re-up to me.
No matter if you just bought your xbox, if you want those skins you will have to go for 500 master hordes and pay with sweat, tears and boredom not just open your wallet and get the skins right away.

Gears5 can’t compare with gow1-3.

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“Holding people to account is the worst thing ever!”

Have you ever stood in a line to receive some item that is limited edition? Just because digital content can be distributed out doesn’t mean it should be. Your above statement goes against the entire concept of the Black Phantom skins that are part of the Loyalty Series. The players you describe were not loyal fans to the series that put in the work to receive these items. The players that did receive them are probably made up mostly of loyalists that continue to play Gears 5 (despite its faults) and will continue to play Gears 6 when it debuts.

I’m growing tired of explaining this to people. Just because you feel like you should be entitled to something that you didn’t put the work in for doesn’t mean you should get it. It’s a indictment on the culture nowadays that people can’t fathom that there is a handful of items that they can’t simply buy on a whim. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Giving these items out is not only a disservice to players that received it, but also to the players that would benefit from it. If you want something you should put in the time and effort when something is available. Otherwise this entitled culture is only reinforced.


I think exclusive skins for accomplishing certain things or hitting certain milestones, is a good thing. It gives people a tangible thing to work towards and show off, and says something inherently meaningful to people who see that skin, because they know what you did to get it.

HOWEVER, I’m also totally fine with restricting that to - for example - rare colour schemes or textures for a given skin. Like maybe everyone can get the Workout Fahz skin, but if you earned the “rare” one from the Tour, the clothes are a different colour, or have some sort of fancy texturing or effect to them.

Everyone can have the same basic skin, but not everyone gets the fancy variant. The “Road to Gears 5” skins are a good example of this - everyone can get the JD skin with the beret, but you had to EARN the one with the gold trim.

I was actually annoyed when I came back after months away from the game, just to see that they had dumped a bunch of the skins and stuff I earned from earlier Tours into the store.

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