Do eliminations factor into K/D Ratio?

Do eliminations calculate into K/D ratio? I’m starting to think it doesn’t. And if so then why is this statistic even displayed if it doesn’t calculate eliminations? Why do you get eliminations in matches instead of kills? Can someone make sense of this?

It doesn’t. Only actual kills count towards k/d. Kills and assists count towards elims.

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I thought so. But if that’s the case then why are eliminations even a thing? For a while, I didn’t even care to get the kill if I downed a person because I thought eliminations were considered kills and that it’d be nice to share with a teammate so I usually allowed others to finish my downed enemies off. But now that I’ve noticed my K/D has been going down, I’ll be making more of an effort to not share that with others.

I just think it’s dumb to have eliminations and deaths display in a game, but show K/D ratio in stats. Pick one to stick with, TC (Kills & K/D or Eliminations & E/D). It’s misleading.

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Agreed, but we live in the age of participation trophies, so now everyone can feel good about themselves when they look at the final scoreboard :rofl:.

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It’s just stupid. Call it like it is. Why have “eliminations”?

Ain’t that the truth! But damn does it work haha!

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Well at least I don’t feel bad for losing my 3.0 now knowing it’s K/D and not eliminations/death lol

That’s how you know they made this game to cater to the newer players. I could understand if it was a player that you got down and your teammate finished off the opponent, then I would probably count that as a elimination/kill but anything else, no